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Garba Rakshambigai Photos - Goddess for child birth,safe pregnancy and peaceful family life

The temple of Garbarakshambigai is called by the name of Lord shiva here..thousands of years back it was a garden of "Mullai" flowers.Hence the name "Arulmigu Mullai vana nathar temple ".The lord shiva here has no holy bath as the statue is made of Ants mud and protected for all these thousands of years by applying "punugu sattam".If you offer punugu sattam to lord shiva in this temple , uncurable diseases will be cured. Goddess Garbarakshambigai is truely a goddess of mercy to bless women with gift of child birth,safe pregnancy.They give castor oil in small bottle which can be applied to pregnant women and for women seeking child birth..They give ghee prasad which has to be taken internally for next few days. Hope u read my Journey to Garbarakshambigai temple



Meaning of the name Garbarakshambiagi :

The name of the goddess carried the beautiful meaning in itself...Garba means Pregnancy, Raksha means "To protect " and Ambigai is one of the names of Parvathi devi .so she is all about protecting a womens life blessing her with a kind hearted husband,a good child and a happy family

Location of Arulmigu Mullai vananathar temple :

The Temple is situated on the banks of the river Vettar ( if you go my bus, you have to walk around 2 kilometers and can see this little river on the way..If you go in raining season from tanjavur to this temple, make sure your journey takes long because i found the roads here are too small and both sides has lots of rivers passing by......vettar is branch of the Sacred river Cauvery, in the Papanasam Taluk of Thanjavur District-20 Kilometers east of Thanjavur town and 20 Kilometers South west of Kumbakonam.

Travelling to Garbarakshambigai temple :

Garbarakshambigai Mullai vana nadhar temple is situated in south india in the state of Tamilnadu, Tanjavur district. I took a train from coimbatore to tanjavur .then from railway station i went to tanjavur old bus stop and from there i got information that Town Bus Number 34, 16 and 44 will reach thirukarukavur.. From Kumbakonam bus stand number11 and 29 will go there.It takes over an hour to reach this temple...always remember goddess garbarakshambigai when you travel...

Garbarakshambigai Temple history : Sage Nithuvar and his wife Vedhika were living in this garden of mullai flowers when the following incident happened which lead Parvathi devi to take the avatar of Garbarakshambigai to give special protection to women during pregnancy.

Thousands of years back, two Rishies ( saints ) Gowthama and Gargeya did penance in this garden of mullai flowers. The story is that, Sage Nithuvar was living here with his wife Vedhika. One day when Sage Nithuvar was away, sage Urdhvapada visited the mullai garden.. Vedhika was tired and sleeping deeply without showing hospitality to the sage..infact she was having pains due to pregnancy but Urdhvapada unaware of her difficulties got angry that she din't bother to wake up and felt she could be sleeping purposely , decided to curse her .The curse made her get diseased and it also hurted the child in her womb.Vedhika was in worst pain of her life and deeply hurted that her own child is being gradually destroyed and prayed for to Goddess Parvathi to help her ....Goddess parvathi took the avatar of Garbarakshambigai and appeared before Vedhika and protected her child in the womb by holding it in a "kalasam " - divine pot..The goddess has helped the child grow in the divine pot untill it grew as full fledged child. .. Scientifically people know about test tube baby, but it has happened before thousands of years in our holy country, india, where goddess herself has saved a womens pregnancy and blessed her.

When Vedhika cried as she was not able to feed the baby with her milk, A sacred cow came infront of the temple and made a lake of sacred milk. The sacred "kulam" is found even now where i fed pori for fishes when i visited the temple. Vedhikai prayed to Goddess Garbarakshambigai to remain in the temple forever and bless all women with good soul mate, child birt and safe pregnancy.

How to pray in Garbarakshambigai temple:

Usually women who come here to pray for pregnancy and child birth just offer flowers and do archana for goddess and ignore the lord shiva here.The women in pooja shop requests them to first show their offerings of flowers, lamps etc to lord mullai vana nadhar here and then enter the garbarakshambigai sannidhi. Theres no sakthi without shiva.please remember to light as many lamps as you wish in this value of lighting lamps

Mantra for Garbarakshambigai

Aum Garbarakshambigaayai cha vidhmahe
Mangala dhevadhaayai cha dheemahee
Dhanno devi prachodhayaath

For the fast world, slokas are hard to remember..i have provided simplest mantra for this goddess...say it 108 times everyday...please remember..goddess will surely bless u someday. Hope u read Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child

If you live abroad :

For couples who live abroad or in north india, who cant visit this temple in person, i have provided addess of this garbarakshambigai temple ( click ) .I wont cost much..from 100 rupees to 500 rupees there are various kinds of pooja, lighting lamps, offering of prasad,abishekam etc..remember..i am just doing this for service and have no contacts with u have to phone them and clarify based on your needs.Search for few online pooja websites which can do archanai in this temple n send you prasad.I dont wanna mention names of such sites as i dont wanna get commercial but i do guide people who mail me personally.

It took hours for me to uplaod the photos and write this article..why am i doing have to make use of it...please show your true love on goddess...She is truely a goddess of mercy and bless you with good soul mate, child,safe pregnancy , your fear of labour pains and family problems will surely disappear and goddess will bring immense joy and happiness all your life.

My sweet goddess Garbarakshambigai bless you

Shirdi saibaba helped me learn about this goddess.I thank my sai all life as now am able to bring smile and faith in the hearts of thousands of women who wants to have child.

Always in the holy feets of shirdi sai baba

Venkat Raman

Little servant of shirdi sai

22 :10 :2007

Some devotees call her "Garbarakchambihai ,Garbarakcha, Garbarakchambigai thirukagavur, thirukarugavoor --- cummmon, theres only one name for goddess "Garba Rakshambigai" i find it beautiful.....but even the official site uses name Garbarakchambigai..I love this goddess so much thats why i reshot the picture with the camera and uploaded a high quality file .

Please mail me personally if you need any help.I will be happy to reply you when i have time.

Read about my Journey to Thirukarukavur -Garbarakshambigai temple

Blessings for Child birth by grace of Goddess Garbarakshambigai and Saibaba .I got inspiration to create a new site called - Pregnancy and Child Care

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