Shirdi Saibaba Speaks from Dwarakamai - Written by Sai grace C.Venkatraman

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Sai Speaks to you...

You have just escaped from an accident,a bad incident or a evil person. Sai's grace is already with you.I have changed the bad position of the planet for a moment when the worst was about to happen.I do siddhi only when required.

Spread the below words from the maa kaali who resides over me in Dwarakamai

"Shedding viboothi and kumkum from hands and taking linga from mouth is not miracle.A true saint is the one who can have command over five elements of nature - earth,air,fire,water and space.It takes years of panance,brahmacharya to attain astama siddhi.This saibaba of shirdi has never misused his siddhi.He has used it once in your life which you might have not recognized

Giving you Wealth,Fame and pleasure alone are not miracles.Saving your life, protecting your self respect in society, curing you from worst disease are also miracles.This poor fakir has taken care of you like his own eyes which is why you have escaped the worst that was about to happen.

Surrender to him and spread his simplicity to everyone.Make this your life's goal.Everything viz wisdom,knowledge and wealth will come to you.Stop searching for it "

Your life will have a good turning point in the days to come.Do not forget your love on me , your parents and friends when you grow high in life.

You will see me in dream soon.Is there something you have been asking me for past several years.If so, trust me i will give what i know will bring permanent joy to you.

Offer your true love for Baba. Don't get angry when you feel he is not blessing you with what you ask.Pray him whole heartedly as a guru.Show affection on him.This is all saibaba expects from you.

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Om Sai Ram