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"Garland of Love" made with 1008 Flowers of Faith
Offer Lemon Garland to Shirdi Sai baba statue , photo or
any Goddess like Mahalakshmi,Amman in temples and
be protected from dangers ahead of you .

Offerings to Goddess and Sai must come from bottom of our heart :

I don't know when i really became religious and theres no limits for my ritualistic beliefs. May be someone you wont like it. I just want you to understand one good thing about my spiritual journey. I have never done any kind of offerings like a deal. "Baba i do this and you do this to me". Only if we do any offering to God only with expectations in mind its wrong. Ofcourse your prayers can has your needs and desires to be fulfilled but offerings must come from bottom of heart.

Why i love to offer Lemon Garland to Goddess and Shirdi sai baba :

Theres a temple of Goddess Annapurani , Kaamakshi Amman and Thandu Maari Amman in coimbatore. I usually go to these temples and offer lemon garland. Don't ask me when i got such habits of offering lemon garlands to Goddess. Only girls will do such things...he he...dunno why i am interested in such way of offering flowers and lemon garlands to Goddesss.

I especially love Annapurani and Thandu Maari amman temple as i have felt a very strong divine vibration there. When i see the black statue of Anna purani my heart has a divine juice in it..Its some kind of feeling only very devoted people can understand. In 2004 i started to spend 50 to 100 rs everyday to offer lemon Garland to Goddess.Once i had offered saree to Goddess Annapurani Amman .She was so beautiful i felt blessed..When ever i go to Annapurani temple i pray bless me with a wife who will allow me to serve shirdi saibaba and also join me in all the works in wish to do for sai....he he ...Its because i see Annapurani as Goddess of mercy and its good if we inform her about what we expect from the girl we marry.

Making a Lemon Garland by your self :

You can get lemon garland in many temples in south india. First get fresh lemons ,must be yellow in colour.You can decide to offer lemon Garland to shirdi sai baba statue in your house, temple or any Goddess you love. Based on size of statue or photo , you can make lemon garland with 9 lemons, 12 lemons,21 lemons, 27 lemons,54 lemons and 108 lemons.

You need a very thick thread and a big needle.Wash the lemon in a vessel , insert the thread in needle, and insert the lemon one by one....Make sure the thread is thick.Then apply kumkum or any sacred ash on each lemon and offer to shirdi saibaba statue,photo or Goddess.

Goddess Protected my mother :

Once in 2004 , i started getting keen interest in offer Lemon Garland to goddess in Thandu maari amman temple.I like that Goddess because i feel some good vibration when i stand looking at her. It was a strange week for me...i offered lemon garland everyday to Amman and even my my asked why am offering everyday. The next week, my mother was speaking her friend and suddenly wanted to give her few coconuts which grows in our house as we have coconut trees. so we usually give it to friends. The coconuts were kept on the top self my mom climbed over the sink and tried to take it.

Suddenly i heared my mom screaming and ran to her. My mom was on the floor and crying in pain.She has slipped and fallen on floor.Her little finger got bent and it made her face severe pains. Even now my mothers little finger in hand is bent and its not cured but i thanked Goddess so much because my mother fell from top and all her balance went to little finger .My mom is already weak and thanks to goddess who protected my mom from being hurted any where else.

I usually have habit of scolding my mom if something happens to her..I shouted at her asking who asked you to climb .I applied ointment to my mom scolding her alot and also told "only because i offered Lemon Garland to Goddess, she has saved you from getting hurted only in fingers" he... he.. This might sound superstitious but to me, my Goddess has protected my mom from big danger.

Offering Lemon Garland to little Dhuni Baba in Nagasai mandhir :

From that time every week thursday or friday, its my fathers duty to make lemon garlands .I will take it to Nagasai mandhir and offer to beautiful little Dhuni Baba. The shirdi saibaba statue kept in dhuni ( sacred fire place ) is so beautiful as he looks like little boy.I have spent hours togather looking at him and speaking to him.Usually no priest will accept Lemon Garlands in Shirdi sai baba temple.So please make garland for your own baba statue or photo and gain his blessings.

King of fruits in spirituality :

Lemon is known as king of fruits in spirituality.Sages has used lemons for various good purposes. I am ignorant to say about value of offering lemon garland.All i can say is, its also if you love to do it, please try it. Have you seen in Hanuman temple and other Goddess temple, priest will keep lemon under statue and give it .Its because lemon has powers to withhold the vibration of sacred mantra and statue.When you bring it to home or always carry it with you it will protect you from evils.

It is God who gives you a desire to make an offering :

When ever you get a feeling in your mind to offer something to God, please do it immediately because its not you who thinks that, its the Goddess who makes you think about the "offering".By accepting the offering the goddess also washes away your past births and ancestors sins and protects you from any danger ahead in professional life or in family.

Dear Lemon, please forgive me :

Nature Goddess has always been my love. I have prayed nature goddess to protect human race from natural disasters.She has always been kind to me.My Guru Nanjundan sir used to say that making lemon lamps and garland is not so good as we are inserting needle in the fruit and cutting it.We must respect natures gift for humanity.So i request all of you to show your respect for Nature Goddess by keeping on lemon seperately under shirdi saibaba or your favourite goddess Feets ,apply kumkum or sacred ash and pray Goddess to forgive you if you had done any harm to nature and please give permission to use lemon to light lamps and make garlands. Baba has said everything happens for areason .So friends, if you offer lemon Garland for shirdi saibaba with pure heart, surely sai will accept it and bless you whole heartedly.

When ever someone writes to me with worst family problems, some misunderstanding between inlaws, husband and wife, problems in office, etc i get a feeling to ask them to offer lemon garlands to Shirdi sai baba or any Goddess they love. Mostly shirdi sai temples wont accept lemon garlands for sai .so offer for shirdi sai statue or photo in your house.

Ok friends, Today my sai friend kshama who whom i requested to offer lemon garland asked me the value of offering lemon Garland to shirdi sai baba .Instead of blankly requesting everyone to offer lemon garlands , i felt its good to write a article about the reason behind my faith in offering lemon garland.So i wrote this article.

External offerings are not what God expects from us :

Please forgive me for any mistakes in article. In shirdi saibabas kingdom, devotion can come from any form.You can read sai satchartia, chant his name, chant his mantra or just look at a shirdi sai baba photo and speak to him. Offering flowers and Lemon Garland has its own value .For many thousands of years saints has used lemons to do miracles. But always remember God and our Shirdi saibaba only expects true devotion on him from bottom of your heart.

"Garland of Love" made with 1008 flowers of Faith :

Faith is the best thing we can offer to our sweet saint shirdi sai baba and for faith we need pure Love on sai. Close your eyes and mentally offer a beautiful "Garland of love" made with 1008 flowers of Faith .

Always in your holy feets my sweet shirdi sai,

Venkat Raman

24 : 10 : 2007

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