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shirdi ke saibaba  

I did this photography of shirdi sai baba with so much of love on sai. I was actually planning to get a statue in shirdi.and went to a shop.My Guru selected this purticular shirdi sai baba statue and we were surprised to see a newspaper wrapped over this statue which has a article in it.named "Good vision"

I do abishekam for this baba soemtimes ,offer flowers and admire.Baba i love you so much.Shirdi ke saibaba Bless you all friends.

I always make websites for saibaba to heal the pains in hearts of shirdi saibaba.So when you see this beautiful glorious face of our divine saint shirdi saibaba , please chant his name sai sai sai, sai sai sai ...sai sai sai. You will realize shirdi sai baba is residing in your heart and healing the wounds there...

Saibaba photo is copyrights protected.Venkat Raman photography


Shirdi ke saibaba

Sairam friends,

When i think about the term "Shirdi ke saibaba", i feel very happy because it unites sai and shirdi the little village he choose to live. Shirdi ke saibaba is a beautiful combination of words i like in hindi.Theres also a old song "shirdi wale saibaba" .When we listen to shirdi ke saibaba bhajans and songs of saibaba , it makes our heart melt with love on sai .

Shirdi Sai baba devotees has various things to think about , worry about and "things to do" in their day to day life but lets all remember, Baba himself says , if you utter the name sai sai sai...all your previous birth and this births sins will be washed away and you will be free of wordly pains.So i decided to create list of words a "shirdi ke saibaba" devotee could remember instead of worrying about past present and future ...

Make your mind remember the following words instead of worrying about your life :

When we are travelling ,doing our works in office, at school and college, its good to always repeat the sweet lingering words " sai sai sai sai ...sai sai sai..." .Its not easy to do instead make your mind think about the following words once in a while..this will also benefit you because when ever your mind thinks soemthing related to "shirdi ke saibaba" , naturally your mind will get purified and you will be benefitted thousand folds...

In the hearts a shirdi sai baba devotee like you, the memory of the following must always appear ,disappear and again appear :

Thats how mind works...we think something...forget it and divert to wordly try to bring your mind back to sai's memory.Thats what i mean by "the following words must appear, disappear and again appear !!

The best way to remember shirdi sai is to read Sai Satcharita - life of shirdi sai baba book written by Hamadpant. For some people reading may not be a habit...even then try to listen to Stories and leela of shirdi ke saibaba from any of your sai devotee friends.

Easy way to always remember sai sai sai is to remember the following :

Saibaba temple

Shirdi sai mandhir

shirdi ke saibaba

Try to remember any shirdi sai baba temple you visited

Arathi of shirdi sai baba


Dwarakamai - the place where baba lived in shirdi for over 60 years


Diya - lamps - baba loves lighting lamps

Baba's satka - the little stick which baba uses to do miracles

Baba's tin pot which he uses to get biksha

Samadhi mandhir - Baba's sacred body kept in samadhi mandhir built by Buti .Millions of sai devotees have darshan of this samadhir mandhir in shirdi sai sansthans temple complex.

Gurusthan - The Neem tree where baba first appeared as 16 year old boy.

Saibaba's padhukas - foot prints of shirdi saibaba in marble kept in Gurusthan

Lendi baug

Nanda deep

Neem trees

Kandoba temple - Village diety of shirdi people - Lord shiva

Aao sai - priest of kandoba temple Mahalsapathi was firt to call the fakir as "Aao sai" -( welcome sai )sai means saint. Hence the name Sai baba.

Chavdi - a place near dwarakamai used to stay every alternative day

Chavdi procession - the festive procession by true shirdi sai devotees when baba goes from dwarakamai to chavdi

Baba's woonden plank -on which baba used to sleep lighting four earthern lamps in four corners.

Baba's hundi - The huge pot in which Sai baba makes food kindly for all his devotees.Baba is so caring and loving like a mother that he loves to prepare himself the food for devotees who comes to dwarakamai. The people who had food made by sai baba himself must be blessed...

Admire the photo of shirdi saibaba and watch baba's eyes for long time chanting sai sai sai

Look at shirdi saibaba painting , statue in sai mandhir and pray to him whole heartedly

Hum any shirdi sai baba bhajans or songs you love

Ok friends, i will add more ways to remember our "shirdi ke sai baba " ...The reason i wrote this article is that baba has said always chant sai sai sai but in this fast world sai devotees are not able to concentrate fully on sai because of their desires and worries. So i felt remembering the aspects related to sai will atleast make us be close to sai.Its beneficial for us only friends. Remembering shirdi sai baba and thinking about the places of his stay, his leelas, his sweet charecter, his care, his affection and humming his songs can make our hearts pure and gain the blessings of "shirdi ke saibaba"

I wrote "shirdi ke saibaba" many times because few shirdi sai devotees love to call him this way !! he he...i try to add some childish way of writing articles because in spirituality we must not think we are matured..we must act childish..thats the way to worship my sweet saint "shirdi ke saibaba"

With lots of love on "shirdi ke saibaba"

Venkat Raman


Little servant of "shirdi ke saibaba"

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