Shirdi Saibaba Speaks from Dwarakamai - Written by Sai grace C.Venkatraman

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Sai Speaks to you...

Do not worry about your / your children's education and career.I will take care of them.
My silence has a meaning.

Look at the stars,moon,trees and flowers.They are all silent but contributing a lot to the world.Same way this poor fakir seems to be quiet in the statue or photo you see everyday but remember i am watching every movement you make.

Don't ask reasons for my silence.Your time will come in few days.I will give you a eternal gift that stays with you forever.

Repeat these words every time you are fed up with life " Shirdi Sai is watching me"
I am always listening to your prayers.when your past karma is reduced to ashes your life will be beautiful.

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Om Sai Ram