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Saibaba Photo page one :

Shirdi Sai Baba Photography by Little servant of Saibaba :

Dear Shirdi Sai baba devotees & my Sai friends , by the grace of Sai Baba i have tried to photograph few statues of shirdi saibaba statues in my house. This page will have collection of shirdi saibaba photos, saibaba pictures,sai paintings etc.Each page has one to three photos of Shirdi Sai Baba.Screen down , See all saibaba photos with devotion and gain blessings of Saint Shirdi saibaba. Photos are copyright protected.


shirdi saibaba

Smiling Saibaba Blessings for Happy life :

Shirdi Saibaba looking at you and smiling...The sun light hits the chamki in saibabas dress and reflects over his chin ....Shirdi Saibaba bless you and your family with the rays of blessings that comes from chamki on forehead .................Chant "sai sai sai" Looking at eyes of baba.Sai will fulfill your wishes.

saibaba shirdi

Saibaba, King of all saints : Affectionately called by few Sai devotees as "Sai Maharaj ":

Our shirdi Sai baba looks majestic in this photograph. I love the way his face looks at us.Look at his beautiful caring eyes. Sai always cares for us and watches us even when we forget him. Thats how much Shirdi Saibaba loves us. Please do any offerings to our sweet saibaba with pure love and devotion on him. Sai will accept any little offerings you do bless you to do well in your studies, career and personal life. Aum Sri Sai Ram.


Shirdi Saibaba , Bring light to our life, Let us light 108 Lamps in the holy feets of Sai Baba :

Shirdi Saibaba loves lighting lamps so much. While he was in shirdi, baba used to get oil from shopkeepers and light lamps in dwarakamai. A girl called Laxmibhai used to help him in lighting lamps beautifully in dwarakamai. We have to note that baba also loves sacred fire Dhuni which he kept burning forever. Saibaba lit lamps to wash our past karma and sins of his true devotees. Now since baba is in samadhi state , its our responsibility to do the divine sacred work of lighting lamps,diya or atleast candle when ever we do to saibaba temple and at house in front of saibaba station.

To spread the message of lighting lamps i did this photography with saibaba statue. It took hours for me to photograph this picture. There are 17 lamps and 18th one is saibaba himself as sai has asked us to see him in the forum of light. Please visit - - the site sai made through me to spread the value of lighting lamps


A sweet Sai leela to teach us that Saibaba lives in every little photo we have :

I would like to write about a little leela of Shirdi saibaba when was spending his days in dwarakamai. Once sai suddenly shouted in pain saying that he is being stamped all over body and its painning a lot for him. There was a big crowd of devotees in the ground in front of dwarkamai. The devotees were wondering why saibaba is shouting as if someone is hurting him though he is alone. The devotees were shocked and were looking at sai's actions as if he is stamped all over.

Then baba called a devotee and asked him to check a purticular spot in the sabha mandal.The devotee when there and to his shock found a very small photo/painting of saibaba.It was almost torn and many people were keeping their legs over it and stamping it as they were eager to see sai. Then the devotee handed over the small picture to baba.Baba now relaxed gave it to the devotee saying "preserve it, it will do good to you"

By this leela we all must understand that saibaba lives alive in every single photos, saibaba stickers, saibaba paintings and saibaba statues we have with us. Even if some old photos of baba are ther at home, try to keep it safe inside a book because may be after 50 years someone might get it in their hands and be blessed. Baba lives in every living being crows,peacocks,squirrels,sparrows ,in ants and insects.Then imagine how powerfully sai will live in his own photos and statues. So let us all respect saibaba photos we see and have with us and gain blessings of our sweet Sadguru Shri shirdi sai baba

I read the above leela and presented it in my own language .Am sorry if i dint write it exactly the way it happened. what matters is the teaching which is Baba lives in even in a tiny photo we have .So Shirdi Saibaba photos , paintings pictures and statues must be respected and preserved all our lives.

Look at Shird saibaba photos for 20 minutes to one hour chanting sai sai sai :

When ever you are feeling depressed or facing painful situation in life, please do not feel sai is not helping you. Instead try to increase your devotion on sai. Worshipping shirdi saibaba photos is a very beautiful way of gaining shirdi saibaba blessings.

Offer a beautiful Garland or a single flower to saibaba photo.Keep some milk or water as offering and start your prayers. You can chant any mantra or sloka of sai or any goddess .You must surely light lamps infront of shri saibaba and close your eyes to remember how baba would have blessed you if you have met him in dwarakamai .

Then Look at the powerful, graceful eyes of shirdi saibaba and chant

Sai sai sai...Sai sai sai....Sai sai sai.........

look at the value of chantings at

you can also say any of your favourite chantings of saibaba like

Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai or just say "

If you remember sai whole heartedly with pure love on sai sai and sai alone. Trust me , you can feel the sai residing inside your heart.

Saibaba photos and idols are just to make you realize the Sai inside you :

I have copyrights for the photographs because i value it a lot but i want pure hearted devotees of shirdi saibaba to make use of beauty and divinity in these images of sai and try to gradually realize the sai who lives inside you .Yes he lives there...."IN" YOU.

Imagine the very fact that this greatest sadguru shirdi saibaba is living in your own heart. Your heart is his abode. The photos,pictures,statues and paintings of shirdi sai baba are only to take us to next true level of devotion . So instead of always think sai and you as two different things, try to see the sai who lives in your own heart.

Give up unwanted desires, speeces,ego,pride,anger and lust. Now close your eyes and remember shirdi saibaba and you sitting close to each other.You are silent.Theres no words to speak and nothing to ask if you have attained the state of total surrender in sacred feets of shirdi saibaba.

If you try to visualize shirdi saibaba when ever you feel like , someday sai will show that he is always with you and your eyes will shed "tears of joy" like the ganga that flows from the feets of shirdi saibaba.

After looking at these photographs of saibaba and reading all this make your mind pure and say sai whole heartedly

"Baba, i am surrendering myself to you baba. Take off all my bad habits and thoughts and forgive me for the sins i would have done in this birth and previous janma.....Now i am only remember you my sweet baba...Please bless me and guide me Sai "

May Sai bless the pure hearted children of sai and wash away their bad qualities like a forcefull ganges and bless them with drizzle of peace , harmony , prosperity and happiness in their life.

With lots of respect on Saibaba of shirdi ,

The saint who lives in my heart and made me write this

C.Venkat Raman - 27 :10: 2007

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