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Sai Speaks to you...

If you are feeling insecure due to the decisions you took in your studies and career, remember this.

The Sadguru is always remembering you. All Sai needs is your remembrance of him too. In this world everyone has someone but Sai has no body.
Please leave all your worries,insecurities and keep chanting your Sadguru's name Sai Sai Sai.

Chanting can be done internally, in mind where you can imagine is a temple of Sri Shirdi Sai baba. Sai will bless you with ability to face the situation and gradually you will come out of it.

Everyone has such a problem and not all who prays sai can be successful. That doesn't mean Sai dint helped you. Think positively that sai has a better plan for you.

Offer your fear, insecurity in the holy feet of Sri Sai Baba and remember his feet, his holy padhukas alone always. All the time.

Work hard and be good to everyone.
SAI will help.

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Om Sai Ram