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Whenever we completely seek Saibaba, without fail, he proves that he is with Us.

Shirdi Saibaba Proves
Written by venkatraman

Hello Sai Ram,

I am writing with reference to your website reg publishing devotees’ experience. Hereby providing my writeup for your reference.

Om Sai Ram!

I am Sabarmathi, and here to share one of Sai’s leela which I experienced in my life.

It’s been more than 3 years since Baba came into my life. To be frank, only when life turned upside down did Sai came into my life as a Healer.

Recently, my Grandma turned very ill. She was suffering from severe anemia and couldn’t consume anything in solid form. We witnessed internal bleeding in her and she was literally fighting for life with a very low Haemoglobin count.

We admitted her in the hospital. As it’s COVID wave everywhere, she too undergone the test.

When analyzed the CT scan, Doctors witnessed her having Covid Symptoms as per her Lung condition. But in reality, she never had any symptoms and was doing fine. Since the nasal swab was also taken, they gave her admission to the same floor where the Corona ward was there. This literally tore us into pieces. We were clueless and didn’t know what to do.

I only prayed to Sai that her Covid test should be Negative and that her reason for Anaemia should not be related to any Cancer.

The biggest surprise was that her Covid result was about to come on the night of 15th October, But, just when I was praying to Sai at his time of Mahasamadhi (2:30 P.M), a call came from Mummy informing me that grandma is tested Negative and is doing fine. It was all goosebumps for me at 2:30 p.m, and I went and fell in front of Sai’s photo at the home.

Now she is discharged and her Biopsy report also states that she does not contain any serious illness. Sai pa is the best. Whenever we completely seek him, without fail he proves that he is with Us.

May Saideva bless us all in abundance!

Thanks and Regards,
Sabarmathi G

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. I liked what Sabarmathi wrote about Sai that Saibaba will not let us down when we completely seek him. She means to say when we surrender to Shirdi Saibaba, he will bless us and do good to our family.

Sai blessings to you.


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