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Sai Speaks to you...

Do you know who is my mother.Do you know whos my father.Then how did the people of shirdi accept me .I had to do miracles to prove who i am every now and then.Today millions comes to Shirdi.If i dont do what they ask , they get angry on me and scold me.

Why doubt this poor fakir who's only ambition is to make your life good.I wont ignore the child like you even if you childishly get angry on me.I know your heart .I reside in the walls of your heart.

First learn to accept that everyone has pains in life and not all can gain fruits of their prayers immediately.

Your time has not come yet.I can prove my presence in your life with a miracle but is that necessary.Is the materialistic benefit important for you than my love.If so take it now and go away or be lay on my own lap and get crushed for your past deeds.

Now i ask , what do you prefer my child ? A luxurious house with velvette pillow or a broken Dwarakamai with this saibaba's lap.
I have kept you all these days on my own lap as a child.How can you doubt me with out realizing my breath.Every breath i leave falls on you.You are blessed child of this poor fakir.You are poor because your mother is.

Offer a small gift that you can afford to dear ones or children in your family.
Everything will change in few months .
Every time you are upset ,say this to yourself "Sai is with me. Sai is taking care of my needs"

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Om Sai Ram