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I love this mantra of shirdi saibaba .....Never had patience to read but once when my sister was having a problem in germany in october 2001 , i was sitting in madras , mylapore baba temple all the day reciting this mantra....Thats when i realized the power of this astothram.This mantra also makes me feel peaceful and the presence of sai ....i always feel lazy to read this for my own benefits but if something happens to people i love, i will immediately start reading this mantra as it makes me feel closer to baba....

Please read Saibaba Ashtothram regularly ,Shirdi saibaba will reside in your heart and guide you

"Shirdi saibaba 108 ashtothram "

aum shree saaye naadhaaya nama
aum shree laxmi naaraayanaaya nama
aum shree krishna raama shiva maaruthyaadhi rupaaya nama

aum shesha shaayene nama
aum godhavari thadashiradi vaasine namah
aum baktha shrudhaalayaaya namah
aum sarva shruthvaasine namah

aum boodhaa vaasaaya namah
aum boodha bavisyath paava varji dhaaya namah
aum kaalaa dheedhaaya namah
aum kaalaaya namah
aum kaala kaalaaya namah

aum kaala dhar badha manaaya namah
aum mruth yunjayaaya namah
aum amarthyaaya namah
aum marthyaa bayapradhaaya nama
aum jeevaa dhaaraaya namah
aum sarvaa dhaaraaya namah

aum bakthaavana samarthaaya namah
aum bakthaavana pradhik gnaaya namah
aum anna vasthra dhaaaya nama
aum aarokya sheshama dhaaya namah

aum dhana maangalya pradhaaya namah
aum ruthi sithi dhaaya namah
aum puthra mithra kalathra bandhu dhaaya namah

aum yooga shesha mava haaya namah
aum aabath baandha vaaya namah
aum maarga bandhavee namah
aum bukthi mukthi svargaa bavarga dhaaya namah

aum priyaaya nama
aum preethi vardha naaya namah
aum andhar yaamine namah
aum sachi dhaathmane namah

aum aanan dhaaya namah
aum aanandha dhaaya namah
aum paramesh varaaya namah
aum para brahmanee namah

aum para maathmanee namah
aum gnana svarubinee namah
aum jagadhaa pithre namah
aum bakthaanaam maathru thaathru pidhaa mahaaya namah

aum baktha baya pradhaaya namah
aum baktha paraa dheenaaya namah
aum bakthaa nukraha kaadha raaya namah

aum saranaa kadha vathsalaaya namah
aum bakthi sakthi pradhaaya namah
aum gnana vairaakya dhaaya namah
aum prema pradhaaya namah
aum samsaya srudhaya thelar balya paabakarma vaasanaa shaya karaaya namah

aum hrudhaya krandhi bedha kaaya namah
aum karmath vamsine namah
aum sutha sath vasthi dhaaya namah

aum gunaa dheedha gunaath manee namah
aum anandha kalyaana gunaaya namah
aum amidha paraakra maaya namah
aum jayinee namah

aum dhoo dharshaa shesap yaaya namah
aum abaraaji dhaaya namah
aum thriloo kesu askandhitha kadhaye namah
aum asakyarahi dhaaya namah

aum sarva sakthi murthaye namah
aum suruba sundha raaya namah
aum sulosanaaya namah

aum bahurooba vishva murthaye namah
aum arubaavyak dhaaya namah
aum asindhaaya namah
aum soosha maaya namah
aum svaandhar yaaminee namah

aum manovaaga dhidhaaya namah
aum prema murthaye namah
aum soola badhurla baaya namah
aum asahaaya sahaayaaya namah

aum anaadha naadha dheena bandhave namah
aum sarva baarap rudhe namah
aum agarmaanega karma soogarmine namah

aum punya sravana keethanaaya namah
aum theerthaaya namah
aum vaasu dhevaaya namah
aum sadhaam gadhaye namah

aum sath paraaya naaya namah
aum loga naadhaaya namah
aum bavanaa nagaaya namah

aum amrudhaam savee namah
aum baaskara prabaaya namah
aum brumha sarya thapas saryaadhe suvradhaaya namah

aum sathya dharma paraaya naaya namah
aum sithes svaraaya namah
aum sitha sangal paaya namah
aum yoogesh svaraaya namah

aum bagavadhe namah
aum baktha vathsalaaya namah
aum sath purushaaya namah
aum purushotha maaya namah
aum sathya thathva podhagaaya namah

aum kaamaadhi sarva akgnana thvam sine namah
aum abedha nandhaanu bavapra dhaaya namah
aum shama sarvamadha samma dhaaya namah

aum dhashinaa murthaye namah
aum vengadesra manaaya namah
aum athpudhaa nandha saryaaya namah

aum prapannaar thee haraaya namah
aum samsaara sarva dhukka sayaka raaya namah
aum sarvavith sarva dhaumu kaaya namah

aum sarvaandhar bahisthe dhaaya namah
aum sarva mangala garaaya namah
aum sarvaa peesta pradhaaya namah
aum samarasa sanmaarga sthaapa naaya namah

Aum Sree Shamarrtha Sadguru Sai Naathaya Namah


End of 108 Mantra of shirdi sai baba .Shirdi saibaba has blessed you.. Be confident

aum shirdi vaasaayasa vidhmahee , sachidhaa nandaa yasa dheemahee, dhano saayee praso dhayaath

"aum sadhguru sai ram, sai naath maharaaj ki jai "

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Shirdi Saibaba Live Darshan :

Many Saibaba devotees have a habit of looking at Live darshan from Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan website.Every day they look at the colors of the dress saibaba is wearing and feel happy and blessed when saibaba is wearing their favourit colour. I personally feel saibaba's darshan is happening in our own soul every fraction of second. The moment you whole heartedly visualize that you are in dwarakamai or samadhi mandhir and peaceful chant in your mind

Sai sai sai, SAAyee Saayee saaye

with love on our Shirdi Saibaba, surely you will be able to feel a divine bliss that takes you closer to sai baba . I pray shirdi saibaba to bless all his children with a feeling that they really see him and touch him when they chant this Saibaba ashtothram and any Shirdi Saibaba mantra. You can also read a beautiful experience i had in the article i wrote "Shirdi Saibaba Live darshan "

Greatness of Chanting Sai Sai Sai or any Shirdi Saibaba mantra :

Some of you might feel not so easy to recite the 108 holy names of saibaba . So you can try to chant small chantings like

Sai sai sai, sai sai sai , sai sai sai

Om sai ram , oM SAI ram

Om sainathaya namaha

Om sai sri sai , jaya jaya sai and other simple mantras. The key here is "remembering the glory, life and form of shirdi saibaba with pure devotion while you chant .

Shirdi Saibaba Bhajans :

Its truely a great blessing to keep listening to Shirdi Saibaba Bhajans and arti. In starsai website so far i dint took efforts to post Saibaba bhajans downloads etc. Please search in with words shirdi saibaba bhajans . I wish sai devotees understands the Meaning of Saibaba Arti .So here it is

Meanings of all four Shirdi Saibaba Arti

Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Arti

Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Arti

Shirdi Saibaba Dhoop Arti

Shirdi Saibaba Shej Arti



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