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Sai Speaks to you...

A very happy moment is awaiting Baba's permission to take place.
Offer food to a saadhu,saint or make your favorite dish , offer under Saibaba's feet .( photo or statue in your house )
Then distribute to your relatives and friends.

Try to enjoy happiness through small happenings in life.No one teaches the fish to swim.Don't expect me to give hints every now and then.You know that i am going to bring light in your life.

A true devotee like you who understands me deeply must do things that will make me happy and i in-turn will take the responsibility to bring permanent happiness in your life.

Now remember what happiness means to me with these words

"When you help yourself to change the bad habits and convert it into good habits,
when you get inspired by a good book ,studies or a business and work hard to achieve your goal,
when you do favor for the people who ask for help,
when you go beyond just reciting or listening Aarti and start to realize that i live as light in your own heart, I become happy.
so do all the above there by making yourself a deserving child of mine"

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Om Sai Ram