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Sai Speaks to you...

There are twelve sins in all and you have done three of them either in your past birth or present.

Forget the above sentence and remember what i say now
"every life you see has done some kind of sin.You have done one good thing in your past births which is why you have come to know me.I am here to bear all your burdens."

Offer a pink color dress or towel or piece of cloth to me or someone you love.

You will realize which desire is good and which desire must be washed away.Come to Shirdi or any temple near your house after you have analyzed which desire in you is pure.

Light one lamp remembering the lamp is for the Sai who resides in your heart.
your problems will be solved by the 12 angels who have seen the one good thing you have done in past.

Every sai devotee must remember what i say now

" i am always watching what you do.....
when you do something for welfare of others. I change the boxes in your horoscope and give you more than what brahma has written for you when you were born. My business is to give blessings for those who love and help others .
If you just offer me dakshina and asks for more, i wont be pleased. I want you to forget your own pains and help others.Your pains will be cured by me"

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Om Sai Ram