Shirdi Saibaba Speaks from Dwarakamai - Written by Sai grace C.Venkatraman

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Sai Speaks to you...

I feel painful to see you in this situation.I know the times are bad and many incidents happened which you dint liked.

I can do anything for a true and pure devotee like you but planetary situation is a law of nature.The planets work like servants of God based on your past karma.That's why you are suffering.

In times like this , never doubt your Sadguru even for a second.Do not ignore the good i had done for you in past.Now lets both wait until i can speak to Kaali to make your life better.I never do anything without Gods permission.

Respect your mother/ wives/ Husbands advice and request. .If you make them happy, things will settle down gradually.

Offer green cloth or green dress to any poor person or any elders in your family.This will reduce the pains ahead of you.

concentrate in your work alone leaving all other things in my heart.I will take care of you as my own eyes.

This message must not upset you.I speak to make your life better in future.
Cheerup and repeat the words " Aum Sai Ram" every time you feel like saying.

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Om Sai Ram