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Sai Speaks to you...

For spiritual seekers, my name has become a thing of fancy. Please do not be proud of the service or devotion you show on me. When i bless you with a dream or a good message, don't use it to earn materialistic benefits through that , be it money or relationships, status in religious places etc.

There is no adhikari to receive all that i have in store for human race. What i have given you is very little. The moral is be humble to Sai , be kind to people around you regardless of their status, education and other aspects.

you have choose this number for me to remind you not to do the following if you were doing it :

1.Do not be attracted to anyone who misuses siddhi.( miracles )
Its like a bad women who will spoil your spiritual life.

2.Do not trust anyone who can read your thoughts and tell your problems what so ever.

3.Do not seek blessings from anyone who does service to me as in kaliyug not all who build temple/write books for me are really my men. Many combine me and the monetary benefits they gain through me. Come to me directly.
I am your Sai. Your inner ruler. I am Datta, the guru of all Gurus. All your prayers reaches me and i will answer every true honest sincere prayer. Have Shradha and saburi.

If you have not don't the above 3 mistakes or if you promise me now internally not to do it again, i shall now bless you with instant bliss and peace of mind. Go where ever you are. I am with you.

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Om Sai Ram