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Sai Speaks to you...

There's nothing in this universe that your sai can't get for you but i want to make sure your heart is pure and melts like candle for serving others.

Do your work with confidence.Do you think you cannot achieve what you dream to.Do not worry.
Just forget results and work hard.Results come based on your karma and my blessings are there to give you success.

If you face failure , its just a lesson.A true devotee of mine will try again keeping faith on me.

Plant a sapling in your garden or just pray that someday when you get a chance , you will plant a sapling that would grow as a huge tree.

Everyone says " Sai baba was found as 16 year old under a Neem tree but none of you understand how much I want my devotees to sow seeds,
plants etc and make the world a better place to live in.Remember my child , if you sow a seed that would grow as plant or tree in few years,
you are actually creating your lifes biggest blessing from million's of angels"

( Keep this in mind and when you get a opportunity in future to plant a tree , make use of it.)

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Om Sai Ram