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I like shirdi saibaba because of his acceptance of all religion & faith

Right from his younger age Shirdi saibaba has been a person who tries to unify people from different cast and creed.In those days, Hindu-Muslim differences in his place was growing alarmingly. There was considerable bitterness between members of the two communities.

What the saibaba used to do was to visit a Hindu temple and sing songs in praise of Allah; 'I am God' (Mein Allah ho), 'Allah is the Supreme Lord' (Allah Malik hai). He used to declaim in this manner in the temple. The Hindus used to chastise the baba in various ways for his misbehaviour.

Nor was that all. He would enter a mosque and declare, 'Rama is God', 'Shiva is Allah'. His behaviour in singing about Allah in a Hindu temple and about Rama and Shiva in a mosque was a puzzle to the public.Thus Baba has always stressed the universal truth of proving God is one and his forms are many.

"Shiva is Allah - Allah is shiva "- Shirdi saibaba

I read the below aspect of shirdi saibaba from the book written by Ramalinga swamiji :

Sai Baba wanted peace and harmony amongst His devotees, whether they were Hindus, Muslims, Parsees or any other caste or religion. Once the Muslims were offering 'namaz' in Dwarkamai. Simultaneously, the Hindus were performing Bhajans, accompanied with musical instruments. The Muslims complained to Baba about this, saying that it was a hindrance to their worship. Baba, however, said, "Those who pray sincerely with concentration will not find any hindrance. So those who want to do 'namaz' devotedly may do so, and the rest may leave."

Baba was extremely fair with his devotees and wouldn't allow anyone to interfere with the others' spiritual endeavours. In Sai Satcharitra Ch.3, a Rohilla came to Shirdi and recited 'kalmas' from the Koran at top of his voice, day and night. This disturbed the villagers. So they complained to Baba. However, Baba said, "Do not harass the Rohilla. Let him shout on the top of his voice. He brings me great pleasure." Baba's dealings with His devotes was strict and fair. He wasn't concerned to what caste, community, creed or religion they belonged to; neither did their socio-economic or social status affect Him. All He wanted was zeal, love, devotion and total surrender to the almighty.

All gods are one. There is no difference
between a Hindu and a Muslim.
Mosque and temple are the same..
- Shirdi Sai Baba

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