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Garbarakshambigai - Goddess of mercy blesses you with good life partner ,child and safe pregnancy

Garbarakshambigai temple is located in Thirukarukavur , Tanjavur district, Tamilnadu, south india.Its a small temple built by kings of past.The Lord shiva in this temple is formed of Mud and is maitained with care for thousands of years....

Click here for Goddess Garbarakshambigai photo and more informaion about history and story behind Garba rakshambigai temple

Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child :

Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam
Dhevendhira piriya baamini

Vivaaha baakyam aarokyam
puthra laabam sadhehime

Padhim dhehi sudham dhehi
Soubaakyam dhehime subhe

Soumaangalyam subam Gnayanam
Dhehime Garbarakshake

Kaathyaayini mahaamaaye
Maha yoginya dhisvari

Nandhagoba seedham dhevam
Padhim Megurudhe Namah


Garbarakshambigai sloka for safe pregnancy and delivery of baby

Hey sangara Shamarahara PramadhaadhiNaadhari Mannaadha shaamba sasisuda

HarithiriSulin sambo sugaprasava kiruthbavame dhayaalo

HeyMaadhaviVanesa Paalayamaam Namasthe


To Gain blessings of Garbarakshambigai for safe delivery of baby :
Read the below sloka for 108 times everyday

Hamavath yuthare Paarchve shuradhaa naama yakshini

Dhasyaa Shmarana Maathrena visalyaa Garbinibavedhu


I have wrote above sloka looking at the tamil verses in a notice the temple sent me along with prasad. I tried my maximum to spell the words properly .Please forgive me if its not correct. I wish to add another simpe sloka of Garbarakshambigai .Incase if you find above sloka hard to remember try what i wrote below. More over, i wish to add its your true rememberance on Goddess Garbarakshambigai which matters than what sloka you read. Even if you find it hard to recite sloka please keep this in mind, being a man , i really wonder why i like Goddess Garbarakshambigai so much. I never said above sloka...All i did was to show her my deep faith and love on her by remembering her everyday. So if you need a child or praying for safe delivary of baby, this is the best spirituality can offer you. A sweet beautiful powerful Goddess of Grace, who is there for you. A Goddess especially to bless girls with good husband, safe pregnancy and delivery of baby. She blesses women whole heartedly. I like the lord shiva in this temple too who is made of Ants mud and capable of curing uncurable diseases. Some also spell this goddess as Garbarakchambigai.

I say the below sloka everyday as an expression of my love for Goddess Garbarakshambigai.

Aum Garbarakshambigaayai cha vidhmahe
Mangala dhevadhaayai cha dheemahee
Dhanno devi prachodhayaath

If you say above sloka when ever you feel like everyday, surely goddess Garbarakshambigai will bless you with all you ask her whole heartedly


Spiritual Journey to Garbarakshambigai temple :

sairam friends,

This article about journey to Garbarakshambigai temple , which is situated equal distance between Tanjavur and kumbakonam, Tamilnadu , south india . The sacred thing about hinduism is the we have God and Goddess who blesses us with solution for every kind of problmes we face. Getting married to the right person and having ones own child is a blessing in itself. Many couples are facing worst pains as they dont have the gift of child .Even if it happens , some women has problem during pregnancy . I love this Goddess because she blessess women with two most important thing "Marriage" and "child" .

When my sister was pregnant my mom wanted to go to this temple but since i dont want her to roam here and there when shes preparing to go US , i offered to go. Another important reason i prefer to go myself to such temples is that, i will be do all kinds of "Giving" i do annadhan , give clothes to poor women etc. I love to do it and sometimes my parents dont have patience to come with me for shopping to purchase items to give or they feel i am giving too much though i belive that sai makes me do it for a reason.My parents has always been supportive in my "giving habit" and they themselves ask me to donate food to child orphanage as and when i can ...

1.Acting according to sais wish , i bought sarees . orange saree and a lavander saree and gave to poor women in Thirukarukaavur. How nice the poor women blessed me .I will treasure it all life. Only after going there i learnt they do pooja in this temple for getting married to good hearted person as we desire too. They said your sister will have a baby boy.I said , its a baby Girl.

2. Me and my friend vengadesh lit 150 lamps , did pooja for Lord shiva
" Mullaivana Naadhar " and Goddess "Garba Rakshaambigai"

3. How beautiful was this Goddess, i fell in love with her. shes so beautiful.shes there just to bless you with good wife, husband, blessed with child, safe pregnancy and delivary/ You all must go there someday in your life. Its one hour by bus from Tanjavur ( Tamilnadu )

4. We did Annadhan to few sadhus, gave biscuts to children , old people . Theres a kolam .I dunno whats in english for kOLAM...he he ...there were fish in kolam for which we dropped pori. I dunno whats in english for pori also..he he

5.We fed even Dogs and goat....a little dog was very cute waving tail and having biscut from us. One little goat also was very excited to have biscuts.

6.we went in cycle about 2 kms to buy food ...he he to do annadhan. IDLI is available in this sweet village for just ONE RUPEES. can u believe this ???

7. The women to whom i gave sarees and blouse bits, applied kumkum in my forehead and blessed whole heartedly. I had 3- 5 old ladies , one old man who was selling "Mullai flower for Mullai vananaadhar " in a singing tone.....
Mullaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pu, mullai poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo , Mullai vana naadhaarukku Mullai poo"

8.They give oil in a small plastic bottle which must be applied in the stomach of pregnant women when ever they have pain.

9. For women who dont have child, in the Amman sannidhi, you must draw a kolam with ghee i think, take half ghee and pour in lamp and rest they must take home and have as prasad. Am not sure about this procedure.

10.They do some pooja for people who wants to marry but who are having obstacle in marriage too. Its simple pooja.

11. The people here are good.I met few good ladies and old people who talked affectionately.

12. Surprise..........Sai follows where ever i go. When i went to this temple in such a hardcore village deep in tamilnadu , i never expected to see a sais photo. While taking the pooja items inside, my friend spotted a Shirdi sai photo in the car parked outside temple. How sweet are you sai. You always follow me or its me who is following you. May be you visit many temples with me.

I meditated sitting outside Garbarakshaambigai sannidhi and prayed baba and this Amman for few names i remembered and then also generally requested this Amman to bless all who lit lamps under babas feet saying sloka of Garbarakshambigai to bless with good life partner,solve pains in relationships and bless them with child and a safe delivery.

Shirdi sai dwarakamai
shirdi sai dwarakamai
Shirdi sai dwarakamai

Anbe sivam


29 : 03 : 2007

experienced the divine Mullaivananaadhar, Garba Rakshambigai temple on 29.03.2007 situated in Thirukarukaavur, Tanjavur district, Tamilnadu

Went again to Thank Goddess Garbarakshambigai

On july 11th 2007, my sister gave birth to a baby girl named katya chandra,Its by grace of sai and Goddess Garbarakchambigai that it all happened. Since my sister and the baby was not in good health and i also want to thank the Goddess , i again went to Garbarakchambigai temple on

27 :07:2007

It was a beautiful day in my life as i always love the act of "Giving" .I started in Jan satabdhi express reading "sai samartha satcharitra" and always remembering sais name.I met two old brothers who were speaking to me about spirituality. I got down in Tanjur , went to the bus stand and purchased four sarees , sweets, had my lunch and went to a near by bustand where i had to catch bus number 34 B. I waited in the hot sun like a "villager" looking at new york city opening mouth. I roamed here and there not knowing where to wait. Finally a bus conductor asked me wait under a shade. It was really funny the way i ran with a race behind me to catch the seat in bus...He he

The bus journey took more than an hour ....the way through which this bus goes were scenic, we can see people working in field , cutting crops, cows tied to tree,Huts , full of greenary.....By the time the bus reached Thirukarukaavur, i was one amoung the 2 pasenggers .so i felt like giving sweets to the bus conductor and driver saying " my sisters baby is born "....they were happy too. These people ride bus several times everyday through such narrow roads, am sure it will be more difficult in rainy season . Many devotees uses this bus to reach the temple , get blessed with baby but no one remembers the service of these people.Thats why i want them feel that they too are considered as "important" by the devotees.

The moment i walked through the curvy road, the women who sells pooja items , tried to sell flowers to me..I told her "baby is born"....she said " am happy" and i gave her a saree ...she was too happy..i gave sweets to her child.

Then i went near the temple where the shop keeper women identified me and invited me to her shop. She asked if the Goddess has blessed with what i prayed for ....i said yes the baby is born and they were happy.I told her but the baby seems to have some health problems for which she said "Its the baby given by this Goddess, she knows how to take care of the baby...everything will be alright"

It was almost like a home where tea was made for me with out me asking for it. such was the intimacy between me and Jothi and Thangam the 2 old women who are native of this village and sells pooja items in their shop ..When i said, i have asked many of my sai friends to visit this temple, she told me as them to come here and enquire for "Jothi archanai kadai , Therkku veedhi, thirukarukaavur" and i shall guide them with the rituals to me done and tell them about the powers of this Goddess.

As you all know, i love lighting lamps ....this time as i went alone and it being a aadi velli and pradosham, a huge crowd was expected. so i asked them to make 120 ghee lamps and lots of garland for Lord shiva and the Goddess Garbarakshambigai.

They helped me give sarees to good women near by along with flowers and kumkum.I also got blessings from them.I really like to give things to people , that too if they are poor, i feel very happy ..My parents has allowed me to do it and i always ask God to gift me with a wife who has same attitude as me , who enjoys helping and giving others as much as we can.

I went inside the Mullaivananaadhar sannidhi , lit few lamps, and did archanai was crowded but i really loved watching this Lord shiva..The shiva here is made of mud but they offer punugu sattam during valarpirai pradosham.Fortunately my sisters baby Katya has been a blessed child because i was there on the same pradosham day when they will offer this punugu sattam to Lord Mullai vana nadhar. I told admist the crowd in the end of the steel railing , took a long breath, closed my eyes and prayed deep inside me that its a gift for being in such a place where many saints would have visited this temple when it was a Mullai garden thousands of years back ...

I heared the sounds of Bells and opened my eyes to witness the glorious image of arathi of lots of lamps shown to Lord shiva. The statue being applied with New punugu sattam , shines with the glow of the flames...I really admired the shine in this statue.It went on for more than five minutes when i deeply thanked God for this beautiful sight. I was really glorious , the lord shiva statue shining admist huge smoke beause of sambrani powder ......the "Lighting" sounds of bells, nadharwaram made me feel the eternal state of God. I tried off and on to forget myself and my prayers and think only about Lord Mullaivananadhar and Goddess Garbarakshambigai.

Then i dropped some coins which i collected keeping under sais feet at my house in Garbarakshambighai sannidhi . The Goddess was dressed with Gold and silver ornaments .She was glittering and the best part is the 2 dots glittering to replace her eye balls. It was marvalous. I thanked her whole heartedly for helping my sister to give birth to baby nicely though she suffered a lot with labour pains.I prayed for baby and also all my starsai family friends .I prayed especially for few girls i know .

Then i came back to Jothis shop , the Annadhan i had arranged was ready to distribute. I distributed it whole heartedly to all sadhus present there .Then i gave bananas to cows in temple. I ate prasad myself and came back to shop with complete satisfaction for having gone through a whole day of divinity.

I was offered a coffee with the same hospitality .I gave them some money to do Annadhan for next 7 days morning to 20 people.There must not be a day in week when i had not given Annadhan in such a holy place.....This Goddess is all that we need in kaliyug with longs of problems and pains in relationship, marriage issues and child issues. Please try to visit this temple if you have faith in this Goddess.

Before i end, i must say one beautiful miracle about this Godsess. Since my parents always used to play CD of this goddess song when my sister was pregnant, i started having some liking for this Goddess. When i decided to go to this temple, she came in my dream twice. As sai says "God helps those who search for them" This Goddess of mercy is so kind, even if you think about her regularly she will invite you to her temple.

I pray sai whole heartedly to sai and Goddess Garbarakshambihai to bless you with a good life partner, baby and a beautiful life head. ...It was around 7.30 at night when Jothi walked to a friendly auto driver and asked him to drop me. Her hospitality was still visible " i will pay for the auto " she said with affection but i said thats ok ....I sat in and saw a small picture of shirdi saibaba stuck in front glass of auto.I wondered how he came to this village. I gave a sivanesan swamiji photo to him along with sweets and said " the work he does in brining devotees to and fro to this holy place is a blessing which he got because of previous births good deeds. "

I asked him do you pray baba , he told " ivar dhaanga ennaku ellaame" ( he is everything for me ) .Deep inside the same answer was repeating in my heart. where ever i go , you are with me sai.

when i took the bus back to tanjavur, i saw lots of huts in either side of the road. In one house i saw a husband , wife and their child having food in the light of moon which will become full in next couple of days.... when the light of bus crossed them, they break their conversation and look at the passengers....i looked at them realized how much i hate youtube,btube,news channels, and internet and all this city culture. we areaddicted to it but i loved the simplicity and love which i saw amoung the poor family having food in moon light.

such is life ....Life goes on.....with many more journeys ahead, many more Goddess to bless, Many more charity to do ...

I have prayed something very personal to this Goddess which i cant reveal now. Lets see what happens in the days to come....

Aum sai ram

Venkat Raman


Power to cure uncurable disease like skin problems :

Another speciality, this shiva has appeared on its own " suyambu " before thousands of years .Many kings has donated land to light lamps regularly in this temple. since the statue is made of ant mud, no one can do abishekam with water to this statue...they use the wild cat extract called punnugu ...this will make sure the shiva statue becomes stronger.

The reason i remembered this is that, the priest said, this Lord shiva has power to cure uncurable disease .I think someone said its especially for skin related problems.This temple is in remote area... please tell u r parents about this temple and decide if you wanna do it.

The temple is situated in south india, Thanjavur,Papanasam talluka in a village called Thirukkarugavur

I have no direct connection with temple.I live several hundred miles away from this village Thirukarukavur.I have given all details as really wish women who are facing pains not having child must surely understand the value of this Goddess Garbarakshambigai and light lamps,do abishekam, offer punugu sattam to lord shiva etc

.Please trust me .Being a man, i never know why i love this Goddess so much.I dont even remember how her face looks in the statue in temple but i have some strong feelings of devotion everytime i utter her name.She truely is a Goddess of mercy.If you pray to Garbarakshambigai whole heartedly,surely she will bless you with good life partner,child ,safe pregnancy and delivery of baby.

The temple is actually called "Arulmigu Mullaivananadhar kovil". There is a Audio Cd in tamil for Garbarakshambigai .During my recent visit i learn the temple itself sells Ghee lamps which can be lit to gain blessings of Goddess Garbarakshambigai

This goddess Garbarakshambigai is also called as Garbarakchambigai.I love the name Garba rakshambigai but dunno why many called her as Garbarakchambigai...and the name of place some say Thirukarugavur..its actually Thirukarukavur...what ever way u call her, if your devotion is pure shes gonna bless confident

Feel free to write to me for any reasons.I will reply when i have time.

Next page - Goddess Garbarakshambigai photo and more informaion about history and story of vedhigai and sage History of Garbarakshambigai temple

The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later:
the gift of a rich harvest. - Shirdi Sai Baba

saibaba ki jai

Humble Opinion about present situation all over the country :

Any temple i write about in starsai network of websites are due to devotion and faith. The articles are copyrights protected and must not be copied to other websites. I am doing all this with pure mind and No commercial gains etc. It really hurts me when few in many parts of country are only respecting devotees with money or trying to make money out of divinity.Only if spiritual goods like photos,Lamps,pooja items, flowers,statues,entrance fees, accomodation etc are affordable to poor people, God will be pleased. Anyway, its a part of kaliyug but i dont want to mingle with the crowd. Please leave me alone. Its a personal attitude.

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