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Are you always buying things. spending too much? when ever you want to buy something be it a household article, something used for entertainment or a house, ask yourself if its really necessary, take a months time to decide if its worth it and then take buy. Do not invest in anything for a loan.
Learn the good habit of earning money by doing hard work and save your earnings. Save money as little as you can, every month. Saving money for future will make your life peaceful. I don't even like my devotees coming even to see me ( to Shirdi ) taking a loan.

The world is getting it to external maya . what you wear , what you own and how you look doesn't bother me. Then why should you give importance to it.

Ask someone who rides their vehicle to go slow remembering me. When ever you leave home for a long distance trip, bow to a shirdi saibaba photo and then leave or chant sai sai sai 9 times.

Do not hurt anyone who feeds you , be it your mother or wife. Read Sai Satcharita when you get time.

Don't worry if others insult or tease you or your dear ones. Everyone has their own weakness. chant " Datta dhigambara , Shree paadha vallabha dhigambara, Sai Dhigambara" 108 times.
Datta guru will bless you to covert your negatives into positives.

* see for more info on Lord Dattatreya avatars

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