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Sairam friends,

Kindly do not relay on below information completely as I wrote it years back.

Two years after writing below article by sai blessings made shirdi hotels online

SaiRam friends,

Hope you read the article i wrote as Shirdi Pilgrimage experience

By the grace of Sai one of my Sai friend Mr.VijayaKumar contributed the following information to guide shirdi saibaba devotees in chennai to get some basic details about reaching shirdi from Chennai. ( south india )

Pilgrimage from Chennai to Shirdi - Only for Information purpose

Bangalore to shirdi train details also included as its the connecting train

1.Please do not mail me regarding further details about trains , timings etc because its much better to check information from the indian railways website

1. - See the train numbers we wrote below n check in this site

2. - Indian railways online reservation website

2. The below information is based on timetable of indian railways as of December 2007 and it might change anytime. So use the below information only as a guidance and clarify with your friends, travel agency or railway department for clear details.

3. This information is provided only with service motive since i believe many devotees are eager to visit shirdi but don't know clear details to reach there by train. If you are confident please travel alone or better make use of a travel agency .Am sure if there are more than one person you can manage by yourself. For aged people travelling alone is not adviced.

4.StarSai and anyone related to me are not associated with any travel agency and dont like to be as our intention is only to spread babas message. The info is provided only to help sai devotees who wish to travel to shirdi with an affordable expenses.

Do not misunderstand that we are arranging a package tour.It is the visitors responsiblity to clarify based on this info , book tickets properly and travel to shirdi by Saibabas grace. Do not worry.Sai will surely help you with good souls to travel to shirdi. Be confident. Our duty is to help sai devotees get information. We do not like to take any commercial gains. Its my responsibility to clarify .so i did.


Chennai to Shirdi train :

Below are four options to reach shirdi from chennai ( timings might change any time,do not take our information as perfect.Its only a approximate deatils. ). You can reach shirdi by taking first train to Bangalore or Solapur and from there take the second train to Kopergoan . OR travel by train to pune or get down in a station before pune called Daund , from there travel by Bus to Shirdi.

Kopergoan is the nearest station to shirdi situated 17 kms from shirdi. If you reach kopergoan station, you can take a share auto to shirdi from there.

Four ways to reach shirdi from chennai :

1. Train Number : 1042 - Mumbai express - 11.45 Morning departure in chennai
- Reaches Solapur nextday at early morning at 5.30 AM

wait in Solapur railway station for few hours...then take next train as below

Train Number 2627 ( Karnataka Express ) starts at At 7.25 A.M in Solapur and reaches Kopergoan at 1.40 A.M.( afternoon 13.40 )
Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach shirdi within 20 minutes.

_________________________Option 2 to travel to shirdi by train__________________

2. Train Number : 2164 - Chennai express - 7.00 Morning departure in chennai
- Reaches Pune early morning ( Night ) at 2.30 AM

wait in Pune railway station for few hours...then take next train as below

Train Number 2779 ( Goa Express ) starts at At 4.15 A.M in pune and reaches Kopergoan at 9.15 A.M.

Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach shirdi within 20 minutes.

You can also travel from Pune to shirdi by Bus around 160 Kms 5-6 hours journey or get down in a station before pune called Daund, go to a 3 road junction by auto from daud station, from there take bus to reach Hanumanthnagar and from there travel to shirdi by bus

_________________________Option 3 to travel to shirdi by train__________________

3.Train number 2639 - Brindavan express - Departure from chennai early morning and reaches Bangalore at 1.30 Afternoon. ( 13.30 )

wait in Bangalore railway station for few hours...then take next train as below

Train number - 2627 - Karnataka express - 19.20 evening departure from Bangalore reaches Kopargoan the next day afternoon at 13.40

Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach shirdi within 20 minutes.

_________________________Option 4 to travel to shirdi by train__________________


Train number - 2007 - Shatabdi Express departure from chennai at 6.00 A.M , reaches Bangalore at 11.A.M

wait in Bangalore railway station for few hours...then take next train as below ( Only sunday train )

Train Number 6502 - SBC - ADI express - Starts at 13.30 ( Afternoon ) reaches Kopergoan on Monday morning at 10.50

Take a auto from Kopergoan and reach shirdi within 20 minutes.


Return Journey - Three ways to return from Shirdi to chennai


Shirdi to Chennai : Trains returning back from shirdi

Bus from Shirdi to Pune :

You always have option to return from Shirdi by bus to Pune ( 6 hour journey ) and catch your train from pune to chennai , bangalore ,hudrabad or any destination as per your needs. There are also frequent Bus to Mumbai ( 8 hour journey ) incase you wish to return by Air or have booked a return train from Mumbai. Its always good to take return journey from Pune as its nearest destination. Similarly you can also reach pune by train from any place and take bus to shirdi.

There are also bus to Bangalore and Hydrabad but this is long distance and not at all advicable for few people.

Be clear about this info : There are very good Bus frequency from Shirdi to Pune and also Shirdi to Mumbai. The charges will be around 200 to 400 rupees . Do not think you must only go by train to pune to catch the return train. If you plan to stay in shirdi for more than a day, as soon as you reach shirdi, get bus tickets from any travels in shirdi back to pune for your day of return. Its a 6 hour journey from shirdi to pune. So to catch night train you can start from shirdi around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and reach pune by night 10 - 11 o clock. Have your dinner in any hotels opposite to railway station and wait for your train.

In any case we have provided the option to travel by train itself to pune also.

1. Train Number : 1334 - Shirdi fast passenger - Departure at evening 17: 20 from Kopergoan , reaches Pune at 23 :00 night.

wait in Pune railway station for few take next train

Train Number 2163 ( Chennai Express ) starts at At 00.10 ( 12.10 mid night ) from Pune and reaches Chennai at 19.30 ( Next day evening )

Important : be very careful when you book tickets in above trains : If you book for shirdi to pune for example on date 1st of the month, then you must book ticket for train number 2163 dated 2nd of that month because it starts after 12 o clock at night , so it becomes next day )

_________________________Option 2 for return journey to chennai__________________

2.Train number 2780 - Goa express - departure at 11.20 from Kopergoan - reaches Pune at 16.30 .

Wait for few hours in pune railways station.......

Train number 1041 - CSTM Chennai express - departue at 18.10 from Pune - Reaches chennai at 16.45 Next day evening.

_________________________Option 3 for return journey to chennai__________________

3. Only on Wednesday train :

Train number 6501 ADI - SBC Express - Departure at 8.25 from Kopergoan and reaches Bangalore at 4.45 A.M early morning of next day.

Wait in Bangalore railway station for few minutes to take next train

Train number - 2608 - Lal Bagh express - Departure at 6.30 in the morning and reaches chennai at 12.10 in the afternoon.

Its your responsibility to check with train timings and numbers :

Please forgive me for any mistakes in train timings and numbers. Its up to you to recheck with respective departments and travel safe to shirdi. Do not worry surely sai's guidance will be there for you friends. Be confident. Light a lamp or candle in near by saibaba temple and pray to sai to help you travel to shirdi peacefully. Surely sai will guide you friends. Please do not mail me regarding train fair, timings etc.

Expenses for shirdi trip:

I do not want to include this but just with my experience , i think travel expenses will be with in 1500 to 2000 rupees per head.
There are Good accomodation provided by shirdi saibaba sansthan itself for affordable rates. Ask for Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan office as soon as you reach shirdi and enquire. Theres a rule that you must occupy sansthans rooms only for 48 hours and then extend for another one day.Am not sure about such rules but the rates are very affordable.

Apart from this lodges in shirdi will cost you from 300 to 600 rupees approx during non season time for a room where atleast 4 people can stay. If you travel alone please make sure you are safe with more than 5000 to 6000 Rupees
..I have wrote the highest approximation as you can be in safer side. There are food tokens for 5 rs in shirdi offered by sansthans prasadalaya.

Thats it friends,

Happy journey from Star Sai Family.

Please remember the following divine ways to feel the sai in you :

1.Its good to Chant sai sai sai, sai sai sai, sai sai sai always in your mind when you travel to shirdi and while you are at shirdi. Sai is in your the blessings you gain by chanting sai sai sai is enormous.

2. If you travel with friends and family, please try to take any good SHIRDI saibaba books like sai satcharita and read it n discuss babas leelas while you travel. Never get attracted to silly day to day miracles of present day false gurus. Sais leela are eternal .Read a saints story will wash away your past sins.

3.If possible and if you have ability, get 4 to 10 affordable sarees, clothes etc and donate it to poor people you might come across during your pilgrimage. I dont recommond that you give only to people who are sitting outside temple. The best way to choose deserving poor people is to walk 20 minutes to near by villages in any roads in shirdi or any place, find any poor women and give them sarees after explaining you wish to get ashirwad from them. This is best way to gain sais blessings by helping people as much as you can..

Shirdi saibaba will pull you to shirdi like a sparrows leg tied to thread. Surely you will have good darshan of saibabas samadhi during shirdi trip. Hope you read the article about shirdi pilgrimage

Aum sri sai ram ,Aum sri sai ram , Aum sri sai ram

Venkat Raman - Little servant of shirdi saibaba

15 :12: 2007

Copyrights for few articles, photos in starsai network of sites belongs to author and by the blessings of sri sai saibaba .Written permission is required for using & translating contents.Please understand all the words of this site came from years of over affection i had on my sweet saint shirdi saibaba. so i treasure it a lot.

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Venkat might be ordinary sai devotee but i have support of very powerful good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees around the world. All that i do in above sites is only for service purpose. Strict Legal actions will be taken for copying contents, photos. Do not copy contents and Photography i did for saibaba of shirdi. we have law professionals to work.