Shirdi Saibaba Speaks from Dwarakamai - Written by Sai grace C.Venkatraman

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Sai Speaks to you...

A very happy moment is coming.You will be considered lucky and get something that you deserve but do not be caught by maya when you achieve something in life.

You will gain a profit if you have worked hard in studies or business.Serve poor children by getting them cloths and books.This will bring my blessings to you.

The words i say are precious as pearl.Do not ignore when i say "be careful while you travel and keep eye on your things.Make sure your house is secured" .

Offer a cloth ,towel or dress to people who beg outside temple, i will accept it whole heartedly and protect you.If not, gift a dress to your dear ones.

This shirdi soul always wants to live in your heart but you have to change a habit.
Soon i will live in yourself and protect you.

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Om Sai Ram