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Build a small shirdi saibaba Temple in your house :

If you have open space outside your house, like garden, please spend some money to built a small temple for shirdi sai.Make sure no human can enter the temple...i mean this temple is just for keeping a small sai statue. The opening of sai temple can be from 1 to 2 feet and the entire height can be around 4-5 feet.

The statue also must not be very big...It must be avarage size of starting of your middle finger to end of your palm...if the statue is bigger than this, then you must do daily pooja strictly because in sasthra , its considered as god living with life naivaidya must be offered everyday . since you might travel somewhere during vacations etc , its better to have small temple with small baba statue.

Fix a chanting box which can play sais chanting like "Aum sai namo namah " contineously as long as you wish everyday. This will create positive vibration in that entire neighbourhood.

Its better to keep small saibaba statues or pictures

You can offer flowers and Garland to baba and lit lamp everyday.

If possible you can use a mantra player with battery and always play any sai mantra.
This chanting vibration will certainly be a great blessings of sai all 24 hours every day .

Many miracles are possible if you build such small temple for shirdi sai in your house...people who are suffering from debt, Land issues, bad neighbours etc will surely be benefitted.

Make sure, you do it because of your love on sai with out expecting any benefits...if you build a temple, you must surely be devoted to sai irrespective of what he gives or takes from you. Very few can built such a little temple .I have one in my terrace...Infact baba himself came in dream on Jan 30th 2005 and said "keep a small statue and build a small temple with bricks ( just arrange 4-5 bricks , not even use cement ) and light lamp everyday praying for Goddess of Nature.I called that baba as "prabanja sai" ( universal sai ) because baba asked me to do it as i was praying for nature goddess and came around dhuni for 4- 5 hours every day for one and half years in nagasai mandhir as a dedication to sai to help innocent people during natural disasters. So that baba statue and temple was kept as a blessing of sai for taking care of human being from five elements of nature - Earth, Air,Water, space and fire.

You also might get a dream from sai ...Follow his dreams innocently with out doubts in mind. sai chooses few people to work for him...please whole heartedly work for him without expecting benefits...Trusting sais dreams, visions and words itself shows our faith and sai will surely be with us irrespective of how succesful or happy we are in our career and personal life.

All it takes is arranging a brick like kids do or if you want to spend some more money, just built a very small sai temple for a sai statue less than 5 to 12 inch height. But dont build a little temple and ask your friends to offer money in dakshina box,. Sai will come in your dream and beat you with his satka ...he he....What ever you wish to do for sai, do it with pure love , affection and spend money on your own.

Few ask me, if we build small temple , should we not be maintain proper cleanliness. well, Its same as our pooja room. Sai is a saint who accepts anything if done with love. Just make sure your devotion is pure and you build a small temple in your garden just to show your love on sai. sai will guide you .

My prayers for you and your family

aum sri sai ram

venkat raman

The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later:
the gift of a rich harvest. - Shirdi Sai Baba

saibaba ki jai

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