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A sai leela thats etched in my heart for life. Samadhi of Arul swami :

sairam friends,

A few days back i had been writing about a old man who used to keep a vessel in hand and beg in front of Saibaba temple at my place. I had seen him for several years when ever i go to Saibaba temple but i dint really had a good opinion about him because he used to wear same dress like baba in while colour and also wear a turban in his head.

I never drop coins in his vessel because i felt why should one act like baba and beg.

Story of the Old man :

He was born as blind and his parents being poor went to shirdi in 1930's and dropped him there when he was just 10 year old boy. He was begging food and roaming here and there and leading a life . Once when he was 12 years old , he sat doing meditation near Nanda deep . After few minutes , he opened eyes and the first eye sight he had of this world was that of a vision of Lord Dattatreya standing near Nanda deep and blessing him.

Its a miracle .This little boy was roaming in shirdi for 2 years and finally by sais grace ,he got the gift of eye sight.Then he started serving baba living in shirdi in what ever ways he know.My guru told me , he has seen this man in shirdi in 1970's .Those days there were no water pipe facilities. This man used to take water in huge pots and distribute to many pilgrims to shirdi.

Then in 1992 after many changed were made in shirdi, He has went to Delhi where he started begging small amount in the vessel and did service to people coming to shirdi during his montly trip. His wife also has helped him in doing so. He has got few friends who also joined in in this work . One of the person is shanmugam who is effected by leprosy.

Then in 1997 they have moved to (my hometown ) and he started begging coins in vessel standing in saibaba mandhir gate every thursday. I have seen him past several years but only in october 2006, i realized his pure heart , attachment with baba and started respecting him. When i say i started dropping coins, it means i started showing my acceptance of his love towards baba and his service.

Sai Leela that etched in my heart for life : 22nd Feb 2007

Yesturday night i was restless. I could not sleep untill 2 and i decided to hug a saibaba photo and sleep. so i hugged a big baba picture and slept crying and speaking to baba . In the morning i woke up thinking baba please help me in my career.

Then i went to attend my friend Priyas marriage with my friend Kanna.

We were there in wedding hall till 10.30 and then we left to saibaba mandhir.
Last thursday, we had given 50 rupees to The old swami because he planned to go shirdi. He told us, come next week, i will give you prasad.

Today i saw him in entrance of saibaba mandhir and while entering to temple itself i told kanna we will get prasad and go. Kanna said , we can get it when we leave.To day dhuni baba was wearing Orange and green dress which i admired a lot.

Then i came out and we went to this old man and asked him for prasad . While going near him itself i understood hes not feeling well. He was breathing heavily and said "i have astma .I cant go to shirdi last week. I sent Rs. 2000 to shirdi and gave us both a packet of Udi. Then he said doctor said, i must put 3-5 injection which costs 150 rupees .so i am going to put that and after that i want to go to shirdi....He was so sweet when he said " I am planning to see doctor and go shirdi, this veezing is not stopping . Lets see what baba decides"

Immediately i gave him rupees 100 and told him to take care. Another man working in baba temple has done eye i gave him 20 rupees. Kanna left back to home and i went to bank .While leaving temple, again the old man blessed me with both hands and said " Nallaa irupeenga" ...." You will be fine"

I went to Bank in gandhipuram to check if the money my sister sent to get my parents flight ticket is trasfered properly. It was not. I just found the money sri sai Nandini gave for sais work as a check last month has been cleared .so i felt ok lets take 2000 rupees and do something good. The bank people asked me to go to main branch and check details of the money my sister sent. I went to another place and searched the bank. Finally i traced it and it was already 12.30

Actually my mom also came to attend my friends wedding. so i am supposed to go back to marriage hall to have lunch with my mom and take her back home. I felt its already 12.30. Today we have sais money with us. so may be the old man needs another 200 rupees which he can use for treating his sick or use it when he goes shirdi. so i felt like doing again to Saibaba temple.

I got into bus but got ticket for the wedding hall comes after crossing the baba temple..i felt lets decide later while journey where to get down. Then felt i had forgotton my cap in Saibaba temple .Today being thursday, is better either to loose it or go back now n take it back...i felt, they say its good to loose chappel in temple, so lets not worry for cap...Let it be lost.

When saibaba temple stop came, i just got down because i wanted to give 200 rupees for the old man.As soon as i got down , i took out the bunch of 100 rupees , took just 2, 100 rupee note and went inside the entrance of Saibaba temple ( at my place )when i know a sai leela is happening.

Just 2 minutes before i went there, The old man has fainted .He used to stand where there are more than 20 beggers .especially thursday being very busy day for temple.Two men one a begger and another a poor devotee of sai who came for afternoon arathi has already sprayed water on his head and he was alive.I am very sure when i saw him, he was alive. I stood there 2 minutes shocked and not knowing what to do. I was praying " baba guide me, what should i do. should i take him to doctor or what".

I never touched him...I went inside temple and asked the people who runs shop n stuff that this old man faited.They all said , ya but...what can we do."

He is a servant of sai . Then i just kept one rupee in the shop where i keep 10 rupees everyday to buy candles...i just felt i need one candle...i got it...came around dhuni one time, lit other candles which were put off due to air, lit this candle saying " sairam please do good to this old man "

Then i went inside and the dhuni priest told me with smile " i have kept your cap safe here" ..I thanked him , applied udi on my fore head and came back"

I came to temple gate again and saw the old man laid in mud. I know hes no more. I felt someone will surely come for help. I asked the other beggers to see pulse. They said its not there. I had to run into temple to ask for i dint touch him and asked few people to say me where abouts of this man, i expected someoneeeeeeee to come for help. No one was there to help a old man whos laid down here and 4 people around him knew hes no more.

I felt baba i need your permission. should i help him or not..I felt its babas i called up kanna .He said some workers were at his he cant come.i called him for advice and he said he will pray. Then i called vengadesh and asked him if he can come immediately to saibaba mandhir.
He borrowed a bike from his friend and rushed to the place.

Mean while the begger told me, i know where his house is situation..Its in somanur near the railway station bridge..its second house from bridge.

I was wondering how the hell i can go there taking this body.I feared legal procedures must be followed.

In a big temple a old man who served baba all his life took his last breath exactly when afternoon arathi started. .I still had doubts that the old man might be alive.

Sai made me pluck tulsi leaves , mix with water and pour in his mouth. I went inside saibaba mandhir and asked one after another " give me a use and throw cup" because i dont want to use temple vessels for such things...finally i got it, plucked tulsi leaves of saibaba mandhir , poured water, and the best thing...i remembered the udi prasad the old man gave me in morning...i mixed that also and went near gate.

I poured it into his mouth..It went inside few times. after that it came out. I touched his pulse. It was not there.I touched his chest. It was getting chill. it confirmed me that hes no more.

Vengadesh and i told the begger and another devotee, please take care of body...who ever asks say hes just fainted. we will go to somanur and inform him wife and take here all procedures can be followed legally. We left in bike was damn hot....i never know coimabatore much and somanur is really another place in outskirts of (my hometown ) was around 20 to 30 kms .My friend was riding fast.The cap was really useful to me asit was too hot....

friends, the painful part being i never drive bike as u all know and vengadesh got dust in eyes 2 times...i ran to bakery near by and got mineral water..he some way removed the dirt and we drank it too. Then we were asking many people in road to reach somanur. The most difficult time was around 2 - 2.30 when we reached somanur but we know nothing about how to find the old mans hut. we asked many man showed us the steel bridge above the railway tracks.we someway went into that mud road and spotted a old man wearing Gods dollars..i knew he will help us...

I told him, a old man , who dresses like saibaba, people used to call him baba as we donnu his name.Do uknow him...he said yes yes say me....

we said , Hes fainted.He is no more .He said Ok dont worry...hes supposed to go only and its good you came and told us...Go go to the old ladys house near the bridge and tell her. He said " You have not dont this help for a rich have done this to a poor old man...surely your future will be good and God will bless you whole heartedly all life for this kindness of yours"

Me and vengadesh were so excited that i even joked something .the fact that we found the house itself was a big thing for us.We climed the little mud like hill and there were 2 hut had a decoration of baba photo with leaves.."thoranam "...The door was locked.

we were disappointed. Two old ladies came and said the old women went to tirupur for begging. she will come back only at 5 o clock...we told them the situation.I gave 200 rupees to the neighbour lady and asked her to send the old lady to saibaba temple if she comes back. Fortunately we also met a guy vivekanandan whos working in that railway station. He gave his mobile number and i asked him to call me immediately as soon as the lady arrives.

Then when we went down the mud hill again, the old man said,did you see a plastic pot under the tree. Go there and say to that women..they are very close to that old man. Then i went and told them " do you know baba, who used to take dharma in temple" ...she said dunno dunno because she was resting happily under tree shade...Her things are kept under tree and that seems to be her house...i told her do you know saibaba who has a vessel in hand and begs in baba temple...she said yes yes what happened...

I said, " he is no more"

For first time in the entire event , i finally saw a women who shed her tears . She was shocked and felt the the pain so hardly. She told us...even yesturday he prepared himself . ..then we said ok dont worry...when his wife arrives immediately take auto and come to saibaba temple mandhir.

when we were about to leave somanur, the railway crossing was closed. we were too tired travelling 2 hours in hot we wanted to have tea and some snaks...while sitting in bakery, vengadesh traced phone number of saibaba temple n i asked them to call security. Security said, ok ok police came and hes no more..hes there only...i said ok will temple authorities take any action..They said no no after wife comes, police will do legal procedures and dispose body...I said we are doing all this just with a helping tendency and we also want baba devotees to see baba asusual on busy thursday.The body in gate means the temple must be closed..The security said by 4.30 body must be taken off.

I was upset with such a response...we again travelled back to saibaba mandhir...again the 30 km stretch..worried a lot as we dint meet the old wife and how shes gonna reach the temple on time...we got a news from vivekananda ...he said the old lady has was 4.30 by then...I asked him many times please arrange auto and send them here to saibaba mandhir we will also reach there.

Then we went to saibaba mandhir and saw a different thursday...many who entered temple coming back..the big gate being closed near that the old mans body was kept ...his face covered.

I met the SI of police station , he shook hands with me saying thanks for your kindness. Then 2 more constables took my address and one person from intelligence was asking us what ever we did. I was scared for first time when i gave my address to constables. I feared if my mom knows all she will fear like hell....I told the police , hope we dont get any problems because of this...we only want to help the old man.They said dont worry at all..Its just formality. we have not booked case also because his wife is there whos gonna come and we will get her a letter confirming is death is by natural cause and we can then dispose the body.

Then also i feared...i asked baba why are you making me do all this.We were standing near the shop near saibaba mandhir and met another sai devotee who loves this swamiji ,.His name is balu...who said his thanks to us...he and his aunt, his elder brother also was part of todays service to old man.

Then we waited..waited waited...i called up my mom who was scolding me like anything in fear...i told her dont worry...I am mom asked me first to give the old lady some money and come back..I said , " i am doing this as babas work..If i start it.i will do it sincerely..I cant come leaving in fear....Be confident.I am safe and all people here are kind only"

My mom said no no these police people must not be please come.
My father being very soft person who will faint if something bad happens to us was my first concern..I told my father dont confident..i will just do few works n be back home in 2 hours...

My parents finally agreed.They scolded me in fear because my mom was saying this country is like that..Our legal procedures are too cruel where only innocent people are hurted. Then i convinced mom by asking vengadesh to make her cool.

A constable had some snacks and tea with us..He was discussing something he knows about spirituality...i felt really great how this man was talking all this..he showed photo of ganesha and murugan and said they are my world....i have seen all in life ..nothing is reality..we just think our desires are important but if we give up desires we can do very well in life.He said the old man has become jothi lets keep a camphor in that place after cleaning it..he showed the sun and said thats my God...Ha ha...u know friends, i felt strange when this police man discussed about what ever he knows about spirituality.I felt good.

Waiting...waiting and more waiting...again i called up parents to assure i am safe..3 ladies devotees of sai were very upset when i told them what ever happened.

Then finallyyyyyyyy The old wife came...she was lean , you can say how poor and lonely life shes gonna lead from now on...there were 2 men..One is shanmugam the lepor and 3 more ladies.

The first thing she said keeping her palms togather was " Ayya ennakku yaarum illeega, Neegalaa paathu adakaam paneerunga,sairam ( her husband ) pooiruchu" meaning "sir , i dont have anyone with me, Please do the last rites sairam is gone"

She was not crying as i expected.she was perfect wife for a man who dedicated his life for sai..she understood the situation and just asked for our help.Mean while we had kept the body in the ambulance and parked it in the road near signal so that the temple can be cleaned and start service ...thursday being busy day i am happy , i was used by sai to do this work of resuming babas business of giving blessings.

Then i got flowers from one women for 50 rupees. Another old lady selling flowers called me and said " i dont need money...Take all this flower for saibaba...I felt touched..i smiled and took it from her...vengadesh smiled too.I felt this womens love must be i ran to her and gave her 50 rupees for which she laughed"

I ran to signal in road...I met the Sub inspecter and told him his kindness in doing this work will bless his children.I was standing in busy road and consoling the old women..I gave her 500 rupees kept in a cover and asked her to keep..she said " Saairamee poiruchuuu" sairam itself gone, why i need all this money..i said keep keep...use for any purpose.

Then the police arranged to bury body in near by place where orphans body will be buried. They got finger print from the wife to confirm its natural death. Mean while i was talking to SI and all people there standing in busy road the value of saints, about simplicity of baba and i told them about sivanesan swamiji and also that this old man was close friend of sivanesan swamiji. sivenasan swamiji only used to wear towel like dhoti...if anyone gives him 8 feet dhoti he wll gift to this old man and ask him to wear.....

The police were very much pleased with info i gave them...I told them so please understand you are not helping to bury a ordinary beggers body...he lived for serving baba all his life .so thats why baba has assured him today...who ever serves him and surrenders to him...untill his last rites baba will take care and wont send him alone even if he is a orphan...i said who gave me the thought to come back to temple at 12.30...why i wanted to give him 200 rupees and why i forgot the cap in saibaba mandhir today..

Its all sais leela...Baba wants me to take care of this old man in his last time and do all works and show the respect his body deserves though the atma has reached sai already.

Then balu , his aunt and brother went to shop for getting cloths, coconut, bannana, agar bathi, camphor and all stuff to do last rites....I went inside the burial ground and know how beautiful is sai leela...They were digging a hole in ground near which theres a NEEM TREE.

Balu, his brother , aunt and vengadesh were sitting inside ambulance and doing all things to body like tieying with cloth...applying sandal paste...viboothi...etc.

i was standing out and listening to his wife...she cried...for first time she cried when she asked the lepor shanmugam " Look look, when is he again gonna call you shanmugamm, sairam poiirichuu"

she said " he was telling that he is going to shirdi ....I told pointed to sky and told her "Theres a shirdi up there, your sairam has gone there."

she said " I am not crying i am not crying..i am happy only.He has gone to be with baba himself"

Then the old man who showed us way in somanur called up and said " God will bless you for such a help you are doing...surely you will have great future..i said ...ok all your ashirwad"

Again someone called and asked me to give mobile to shanmugam...Thats when i know shanmugam has leprosy...his fingers are all gone and he holded mobile very painfully...the costable was wondering how i gave mobile to this man with such hands...To me it was normal. Suddenly it stricked me one beautiful thing and loudly announced to all.

" I always imagined how they did last rites for baba when he took samadhi in we all have the gift to do this work for sai...To me , this old man is sai himself."

All of them were happy when i said this info... yes the same way baba would have taken samadhi when just few pure souls were around him.

By this time, the hole was dug.I first dropped my cap for its one of the reason i went to saibaba temple mandhir the second i want the old mans legs to rest on my cap.Then we took him down...asked his wife to see him last...kept near the hole and we did all rituals...dropping rice and water etc...I started singing loudly....i was not like a burial became a samadhi of sais servant.

Loudly i sand with claps

" aum sai sri sai jai jai sai, aum sai sri sai, jaya jaya saiiiiiiii"

all the people who came from somanur joined and sometimes clapped too...

i saw the sky with beautiful starts , i saw leaves of neem tree,the beautiful cresent moon...i was worried what my parents are doing at home...but i thanked sai a lot for this beautiful leela.

I told everyone..."there are many good souls who dont have a history .This pure soul wont have a history for his spiritual life but our experiences must be spread to others by words..This will be a tribute given to him"

Finally , the body was kept inside and i sang " Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai" loudlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.I clapped too.The police men standing were amazed by whats happening amoung us..It was spiritual as if a holy ceremony going on.

I said all slokas i know and dropped coins etc ..

Untill know i dont know the name of this old man..Like others i also tought he has no name and his name is only saibaba....i asked whats his name to balu who said " Arul swamy"

I prayed lord Murugan and dropped a hand full of red soil in the hole...

i said prayers of shiva, kuruvi sidhar and sai.

Then we lit camphor and prayed ...

Settled all money what ever i got in morning rupees 2000 was spent.I told his wife...Come to saibaba temple mandhir after 15 days...Every thursday with same continue his work...Just get dharma and lead a live trusting sai...we all will do good when ever we see you.

Then i said please make sure no one knows about us because we are just devotees...she promised, we wont get any problems because of her.

Then i gave some money for all of them who came...I emptied my pant pocket.

We thanked the constables a lot for their cooperation.

Then Vengadesh came to my house and dropped me.

My parents were upset a lot..My mom said with painful voice..Yesturday she had a dream

"ME and my uncle running to some place...i am crying saying " Amma save me, amma save me" my mom goes to one of her uncle named Ramalinga uncle.Then my mom thinks why i am leaving my own father and running to Ramalinga uncle."

I was shocked when my mom said this...But i convinced my mother saying now a days am also doing service to Ramalinga and thinking about him and also today i said " Arut perum jothi, thani parum karunai" may be Ramalinga has told you he will protect me.

Then i lit a lamp in my room in 5 sides wicks...because Arul swamy has first got his eye sight while meditating infront of Nanda deep before 60- 70 years...Now also the lamp is glowing..I sat looking at babas eyes for 20 minutes painfully thinking about what my mom told me today.

My mom said , i was crying to baba saying " baba you first used my son to come around dhuni , then do all dharma , he was donating rice bags when ever he wish, he was giving posters to thousands, he was doing all this and i agreed..Today he is going to bury a person but you are not helping my son in his career and sending him to all such works.If you are real god then please help my son "

I cried to baba saying please help me baba.I am feeling too painful today because my parents allow what ever i do all these years.. even my friends say its a gift to get parents like this...same way, i also want to make my parents happy .thats why i am begging baba to help me in my career.

It took several hours for me to write this article...Its 1.30 at night now.I have tears running all over my cheeks. I dont know whats next in my life.

Dear friends, Today i understood one thing very nicely

If you surrender to saibaba of shirdi, he will take care of you untill the last second your soul merges with himself and body down to earth.

Please pray that i wont have any problems because of this little service me and vengadesh did today and also please pray baba to show me a light in my life.I wish to be happy.I am not happy for past several days now.

May sai bless who ever reads this with blessings of sivanesan swamiji, Ramalinga adigalar, Arul swamy and shirdi saibaba.

Last week someone mailed me ' How many gurus you need to fulfill your wishes" .It was painful mail of my life. There are people who misunderstand me thinking am behing gurus for material benefits....Let me confirm here...If i am such a person, i wont be leading such a life of service irrespective of the failures i face the past 8 years.Anyway, let baba answer them.

I just need to lead a good life and also follow the spiritual path for which am asking baba to help me.

Friends, Arul swamy is not a begger like normal sai devotee would have thought at the first sight.He is a Pure saint. When the ambulance was parked in the road , his wife told us "we are supposed to come to saibaba temple mandhir togather today morning but Yesturday itself he fought with me saying, i wont be a burden for you, took cloths and came to saibaba mandhir and stayed here at night."

He has said "My life will either go in shirdi or in this purticular saibaba mandhir.Only sairam will take care of my last rites."

He wanted to go soon because he knows the day has come.This is one way we can confirm he is a saint.They know when they are going to leave this earthly life.This old man knew hes gonna be no more.I never got the hint when he uttered his last few words when i met him in morning .

He said " i want to see doctor and go to shirdi. Lets see what baba decides...."

Arul swamy has merged with shirdi saibaba and he will bless us all from today when ever we ask for his help.

shirdi sai dwarakamai

Always chant Sai sai your mind remembering shirdi sai baba 

With lots of love that you can't measure

Venkat Raman

22 :02 : 2007

Now a days i pray Sivanesan swami and Arul swami a lot , many times i try to remember his simplicuty, his service, his love for sai ,his last moments and this little miracle of sai. I met someone recently in temple and felt its because of blessing of Arul swami as i met that person when i did annadhan for Arulswami on his 11th and 16th day of many things are going to change in few weeks time and everyone i meet keeps on repeating concentrate in your career. Am sure Arul swami is a star in saibabas sky and he will surely bless me with good peaceful life as sai wants to bless me with...

( By the commands of Sai ,i felt its better not to mention the purticular sai temple where Arul swamis samadhi happened because its also a very good baba temple , managed in good way and i only want to show this temple in good light. Only in this incident few of us were not comfortable with the way they handled the situation. May shirdi saibaba guide everyone of us to take proper decisions in all that we do in life )

Sivanesan swamiji of shirdi


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