You must marry if your thought process is in sync with each other. Everything else is just a thing

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last evening I took my Mom to Doctor. Its good that she’s improving but when we were in shop, she felt like fainting. Thankfully Sai saved her. We went to Saibaba temple for Shej Aarti. I claimed up the terrace and offered garland to Kalash and all the big Sai statues. I have my own way of doing it and love this little work I do for Sai so much.

One of my biggest concern these days is not being able to prove that Sai truly guides me in dream. My dreams may not be relate to reality but how can I deny my Sai’s words? Now a days, I have this habit of telling the following to Sai when ever I think about him.

“I am in love with your words and assurances and honestly not the girl you mentioned. Its your words which I love most Sai because why should you do it to me? I am afterall another ordinary Sai devotee”

To like someone or falling in love happens when you are young enough. As I get old, its more of being obedient to Sai’s words. I cannot do beyond what he says. Its really frustrating that I can’t prove anyone what ever he has done to me in the past 8 month.

This morning, I had a dream in which I hear myself speaking about one of my favourite entrepreneur. It was like I say someone

“He married a women 10 years elder to him because their thought process was in sync with each other”

So why should Sai bless me with such a dream? Sometimes, I myself don’t like writing often about relationship issues but its Sai who inspires me to touch this topic because so many Sai devotees need a clarity at some point in their life. The keyword to note in this dream is “Thought Process”

The problem with most Indian marriages is they look for every other match and not the compatability between the couples. This applies even for people who fall in love and get married. When ever you are in relationship with a guy or a girl, you will hear an inner voice telling yourself

“This guy/girl is not like me and I can’t live with him/her”

Eventually, you get married because that’s why people say “Love is blind”. You continue to love someone irrespective of all their shortcomings in the way they behave and treat you.

I get so many mails from girls who are married and not happy with their life.


If you fail when you are in relationship be thankful to Sai because its going to be worser if there’s a seperation after marriage.

Better have all the pains in the first half of your relationship rather than worrying for lifetime that you married a wrong guy or girl.

Coming back to the dream I saw, I am not sure why people have so many aspects to consider marrying someone.

  1. Status
  2. Age
  3. Caste ( That’s one big reason thousands of Indian youngsters can’t marry the one they  love)
  4. Looks – People feel the founder of, Jack Ma as ugly looking. Today he has built an empire out of China that competes with Sillicon valley companies. Looks doesn’t matter if your thought process is in synch with each other.
  5.  What ever..

You see, all these are just a “Thing”. Its doesn’t matter at all 2-3 years after you get married. The reality is how truthful and understanding you are to each other.

I admire this Interview by Sachin Tendulkar’s wife Anjali speaking about her first meeting with Sachin

Ofcourse, destiny plays its part in any relationship. You love someone and they eventually show their true colors. So is not right to move on with life? Why should you marry the wrong guy/girl just because you trusted them to be good. You must realize they are not good any more. This is the period when most girls write me. I want him to be true to me. I lost the trust I had on him. I want him to come back to me.

Honestly. I can’t say anything. Ask yourself if you will be happy with such a man for lifetime?

I have mentioned this earlier in an article. I like this dialogue from 1930’s classic hollywood movie where the words Scenery and Status appears.

Most Indian marriages are all about scenery and status and that’s why it fails.

I am getting late for work.

The moral of the story is this

When you are in realtionship, don’t spend time on chatting, going out and doing what gives you pleasure. The key is understanding each other and knowing deep in your heart if this guy or this girl matches my thought process. Will he/she understand my feelings and love me no matter what ups and downs happens in life.

Ask yourself that inner voice if this man/women really respects me? If the answer is “No”, its time to moveon with your life. In relationship isn’t a business but being futuristic saves you from disaster.

Breakup is good as far as I know. Sai let me suffer repeatedly not because he wanted me to suffer but because he was clear that I can’t suffer for lifetime with a wrong girl.

I don’t mind suffering if that’s good according to Sai.

Think about what’s good for your family, your happiness and your freedom 5 years from now and take right decision.

Sai can only guide you. Its upto you. Either you can give importance to your emotions or you learn the truth and be act smart!



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