You will be fine gradually

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I realized many Sai devotees land in StarSai and take the messages here as a messages from Sai for their life. These days, I write a lot about what’s happening in my life. Especially, the dreams Sai blessed me with. Today, I wanted say some good words for Sai children going through sufferings, obstacles and difficulties in their life.

Do not keep on worrying about the past or the future. Just live in present and take life one day at a time. You might be facing huge problem but is that going to be permanent? Nothing is going to hurt you forever. Even if you are going through a break-up, initially, it will be hard to digest. Gradually things will improve. You just have to with-stand any calamity in life for a short period of time. Learn to move on with life and be happy for the bad that happened before it could get worse.

I don’t know why Saibaba mentions a lot about “Saburi- Patience” earlier in my life. Now, I realized what he means by that. You can never love Saibaba if you don’t have immense patience. Sai remains silent most of the time in your life but he does care. The care just did not convert us result you desire. May be, Saibaba needs some more time to work on your life.

Ask me how long? That will be too hard to say because I have waited years with patience and I will continue to be calm.

This kind of patience and trust in Sai has helped me a lot. I do get upset with Sai and I am not all gold. All I can say is, you must holdon sometime.

You will be fine gradually

Life is going to be good



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