You don’t have to worry when Sai drives your life

Saibaba in Bandra, Mumbai
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Hope you like the feature photo of Shirdi Saibaba contributed by my Sai friend Sunanda. Seems this beautiful Saibaba temple is in Bandra, Mumbai.

I have seen several people pitching ideas for a business or themselves to grow ahead. Most of these ideas will have 90% dependability on the skill sets of someone else. I myself have faced few situations where I suggest an idea but it is not for me to execute. I will be depending on someone else for making it happen. Although this is what you call as leadership quality, life isn’t easy when you can’t do things by yourself.

Sometimes, you can’t learn everything you wanted to do because that is not your area of focus. During such time, you must trust Sai is going to drive your life. If you trust Saibaba, he will bless you with an environment and people who can drive in the direction you wanted to go.

One of the worst habit I have seen in people who write me for a better life is saying “Excuses”.

Excuses can never change one’s life.

There will be hardships.

There will be obstcales.

There will be lot more pressure day after day.

You must tackle all these issues with complete faith on Shirdi Saibaba.

Be completely egoless and trust that it is not you but Sai who is driving your life.

Baba has his own ways to take you on this beautiful journey.

Hold on.

Few more miles to go to reach your destination!

Call it Sai’s paradise!

Om Sai Ram


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  • Jai Sai Ram.
    So so happy to see the post on the web site.
    Babaji is our guide, guard and force who drives us towards our journey.
    May HIS blessings reach

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