Its been a year Saibaba. Please show the world that your words are true

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I already wrote this article in November 2016 –  Sai Baba who spoke to me in Mumbai came to me when I need him most

None trusts me. No one. None believes in what ever I say. I told what ever happened exactly to 3 of my friends and I did not tell that intentionally. I happened naturally and I also felt Sai wanted them to know. On March 31st 2016, I had been to house where a devotee who had met Shirdi Saibaba during his lifetime lived before 100 years. Surprisingly, even today this family follows Sai as their kuldevta.

I went to the house of Kakasaheb Dixit who was a very close devotee of Baba and walked out. Then, I attended aarti of Akalkot Maharaj in a small temple.Mean while, Padma aunty called up and told me ‘Venkat..You must go to house where Vishnu Pitale lived. His great grand son is also a good devotee and hence you will feel good to meet them.”

I asked her for the address but really found it hard to trace the house. It must be around 8 0 clock at night and I was sweating all over my face. I felt really embarrassed as I don’t know why I sweat so badly. Finally, I spotted their house and walked up. The family was having dinner and I felt bad to disturb them. An old lady led me into a room where I saw this Baba made of 5 elements I believe. Seems, This Baba statue is with them for several years.

I just saw the Baba. The old lady said ‘You know…He actually speaks”

You ask him and he will immediately answer.

To my surprise, I can’t believe that as soon as I saw Baba’s face, he spoke to me.

I mean to say “I got Baba’s answer for my prayer”

His answer was very sweet and made me so happy.

I came to Coimbatore trusting Baba’s words and until now, I have only suffered, faced insult and immense humiliation.

Many people think that I am lucky to see Sai dreams. Honestly, Only I know how much I am suffering due to his dreams. On one hand, I am happy because the way Baba communicates with me the past 7 month is so beautiful. I can’t find a better guru than him. He is truly a marvelous Guru. No doub’t about it.

But on the other hand, my friends have such practical advice

‘Don’t trust such dreams”

“You must have imagined all this”

“You are pulling Saibaba into this.”

I just can’t bear this part. I am not even interested in this girl any more. Let her marry as she desires. I am too old to have desire on any girl for that matter. I just want to focus on what I can do to make my life meaninful. My anger is on Saibaba because he must prove that his words are true and how innocently I trusted him?

Anyway, Why should I be angry on Saibaba?

I told him clearly that I am truly hurt because what he told me in Mumbai before one year and what ever dreams he showed me these 7 month has no relationship with reality. So how will anyone trust me. People will only think that I am phychic. What good should I expect even from my close friends? The world doesn’t know my Sai for it only cares if Saibaba fulfills their desires. I am into Sai path birth after birth and my love for Sai is the love we both shared in every single birth of mine. I believe that’s the kind of realtionship most Sai devotees will have with Sai.

We are all connected to him for several births.

Do not under estimate this poor fakir of Shirdi.

His words might be silly for vast majority of poeple but he’s so powerful that if he wants to know who he is, none can bear it. My Sai will certainly prove his words.

March 31st 2017 has come already! Now all I have is this feeling. Saibaba usually keeps his words with in 12 month in most of the stories in Sai Satcharita. So I told him “Baba, its been 1 year since you assured me something. Later, You showed me so many dreams. Now prove that your words are true”.

Today, I was chanting Sai…Sai…Sai for over 9000 times.

I felt good about it!

Om Sai Ram


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