Work even when you don’t get the desired result – Shirdi Saibaba

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Sairam friends,

These days, I am not able to spend quality time in StarSai espcially since I have to handle other work. My projects are not giving me much profit but I keep working because I promised Saibaba that I will make him proud. Once in a while, I think about StarSai and have a feeling that I must do a change in User Experience in the site where every visitor must get to know three important aspects of Sai devotion.

  1. Chanting Sai’s holy name will bring you a great blessing
  2. Reading Sai Satcharita will change your life – Read atleast one paragraph a day if you are too busy.
  3. Thinking and Doing good is all that Sai wants from you.

Here’s an article I wrote back in 2009

Chanting sairam sairam sairam 50,000 times a day

Now a days, I simply love chanting the holy name SAI SAI SAI

How to Chant Sai Sai Sai one lakh times?

Chant Sai..Sai..Sai…because Shirdi Saibaba wants to wash away your sins

All these articles will make you understand the beauty of Chanting Sai’s holy name in mind.

Apart from this, reading Sai Satcharita is not an easy task. Some devotees do it once and let go of it. Some devotees read Sai Satcharita praying for a desire to get fulfilled and when it doesn’t happen, they get upset.

Listen. Guru bhakti is not based on what you get and don’t get. Its beyond that. Learn to create this connection between Sai and yourself.

Even if you read one chapter or paragraph, its enough.Just make sure Sai’s stories are always in your mind.

Download Sai Satcharita here –

Life of Shirdi Sai baba – Sri Sai Satcharitra 

Work even when you don’t get the desired result – Shirdi Saibaba

Many quotes we see now a days or not actually uttered by Saibaba himself. Saibaba was not saying stuff. He said parables and sometimes, his words can never be understand by many. But what Saibaba did was living and showing how to lead life. His life itself is a message for us.  So this quote is just something that emerged in my mind and I simply included Sai’s name to it. Don’t you think any good thought comes from Saibaba. So what ever good thought comes in your mind,what ever good words uttered in your mouth, you can credit it to our Saibaba.

Now to explain what I mean. Its this.

When a Guru shows you a path, work for it whole heartedly.

Do not regret for any loss or insults or hardships.

Do or worry about why things are not happening yet.

Just focus on the work and do that sincerely.

Do your work with heart and soul and Baba himself will take care of you.

Do not think about the result you want while doing or after completing any work.

You only have rights to do good karma and no right at all to worry about the result. Keep doing the Karma. Ask for the result but when it doesn’t happen, don’t stop yourself and get depressed.

Keep working sincerely.

You will surely understand the meaning of “Work” if you follow this way.

Sai blessings


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  • Om Sai Ram Venkatjee,

    Your emails are golden words, seems uttered by Sai himself.

    Whenever I am in deep pain, I read starsai articles and most of the time I get messages related to my problem or get guidance.

    When I feel better after reading and understanding, my heart and soul gives you so many blessings.

    I pray to sai that he stays with you in your every birth.

    Jai Sai Ram

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