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Sairam friends,

I had a secret project on which I stopped working on it since I don’t want anyone in my workplace to feel that I am doing something else to earn my living. I am dependent on this job and hence felt its better if I keep it safe. Yesturday, I was really surprised as a girl had asked me guidance regarding her Career and I told her how she can build her career. In StarSai, most mails I receive from devotees are relationship issues.

I am happy that my words can heal you but what matters to me is changing your life.

Today, I felt its good to sincerely promote my project and will link it to StarSai.

This was inspired by Sai dream as Baba kept on making me hear the song “Sare Jahaan Se Acha” in dream. It’s like he wanted me to do something for India. I like guiding youngters to build their Career and continue their Education. I also felt its good for Small Business owners to learn how Digital Marketing can help them grow. I mean, what ever way, I can help ordinary people in India, I must do it and needed a platform to do it!

Hope Saibaba is happy as I am showing it to you on behalf of Republic Day –

The girl who asked for Career guidance must have read this article – There are youngters in India who calculate how much they spent for having breakfast while we are leading a comfortable life

A Sai dream inspired me this morning

This morning, I had a vivid dream. I saw my Sister, some of my friends and myself in a huge pond. It’s like a swimming pool. Some men are carrying Gods statue in their hand and standing in the pool.

(I see my Sister Indra these days in dream. 4 month back, I saw Indra, Katya and myself are roaming in Coimbatore..he he…I wish She finds time to come to see us. It’s been 7-8 years and I wanted to see my Sister, touch her head and kiss her. I wanna hold my Sister’s palm as I had spent years holding her palm when I was a kid while sleeping as I fear that if I leave her, then a ghost would come and haunt me. I am missing my Sis. The other day, My brother in law invited me to the U.S this year but how can I go leaving my parents alone? )

After this dream, I see myself in a Saibaba temple. The temple is strange – A Shirdi Saibaba sannidhi is there and behind that is the sannidhi of Goddess Andal.

I am standing infront of Sai to whom they do Abishekam. Then, I go around and look at Andal. The Andal temple is so small and has no light. I am taking a wire, fixing a buld and bringing light to Andal Statue. Later, I try to keep the wire safe and pull it.

The moment I pull the wire, the bulb infront of Goddess Andal falls down and breaks. I run to the place and find the broken bulb piece below Andal’s feet. I felt its not nice and immediately start to keep all the pieces of bulb inside my mouth. I take every single glass piece and keep it inside my mouth. I go out and take out the glass pieces and dropping it down. Again, I am collecting the Bulb’s glass pieces and cleaning Andal’s sannidhi.

(Note – I had wrote this article on Goddess Andal – Sri Andal Thiruppavai “We will not talk ill of any to any one else”)

I found this dream inauspicious as soon as I woke up. But deeply thinking, there could be a positive meaning too.

Yesturday, I was so happy to guide a girl on how she can build her Career. I also told her that She must update me once in a while on what’s happening in her life. I mean, that I will track people whom I guide as I don’t want them to get depressed.

So I have actually tried to bring light into this girls life.

I wish to do it to millions of youngters across India through my words and deeds.

May be, Sai thinks that I must continue to work with dedication on the project for India.

Wish to bring light into life of millions of ordinary Indians

Its not an easy task but I also wish to write in Indiajia when ever I find time. I wanted to show a way for many people to learn a lot and build their career. I had faced setbacks in my Career all these years and hence I know the pain people are going through when they don’t have a good way to earn their living.

I always say Baba that I must do a project as a blessing for my Sister as her happiness is mine. So let me do something productively.

I do stupid stuff

Today, I went to work and found someone has asked me to do analysis for a project. The subject like was “Research and Data”. This really made me think I am not alien to research and all these years, I had only tried to help people with some analysis. I just did not gave importance to academics and missed to pursue my education. This year, I will certainly take steps to do Ph.D if that’s what Saibaba wants me to do.

From Monday, I am trying to have a stupid fun with my friends. I keep telling them if they can provide 200 acres of land? I add that I wanted to do something for this Nation. I will grow Neem tree, herbs and make Herbal Toothpaste and Herbal Eyelashes for girls. The best part is to keep irritating everyone if they thought about giving me 200 acres of land for my project.

Another thing I did is – Showing below photo of Prashar lake in Himachal Pradesh and telling them I am leaving Coimbatore as I want to go to a place where no one can find me. I wish to go for walking around this lake every evening. You can see temple of saint Parashara.

Here come’s the liniage of the Epic Mahabharata!

Parashara and Satyavai gave birth to Vyasa.

Vyasa gave birth to Dhritarashtra, Pandu, and Vidura

As we all know the whole Mahabharata is about the children of Dhritarashtra and Pandu – Kauravas and Pandavas.

How nice will it be to walk around this lake in Himachal Pradesh?

There’s a beautiful song “Chori Chori jab nazrein mili” from the Hindi Movie “Kareeb” shot in the above location.

Today, I remembered how nice it was when I had been to Tirupati with my friend during last December. We slept outside in the Chatram covering ourselves with bedsheet. We planned to give those 2 new bedsheets for poor people and gave it to a women in the road side before we left –  Happy darshan of Lord Venkateswara carrying cute little Shivsai

I saw this girl today for 3 to 5 seconds and turned down as I don’t want her to know that I see her. I have already bothered her enough.  After she walked away, I laughed to myself for all my stupidity.

But eventually, today also I did not go for lunch. I felt really guilty and told Baba what she would have thought about me? I kept saying to Sai  -“Indha kutti papa munadi enn maanatha vaangitaye Baba”. I could not stay without food for long and hence went alone at 3.30 and had snacks. I told Baba – No one must suffer like me between dreams and reality. Having said that, how many days can I do such hunger strike? Sai won’t answer me by force. If I respect my Guru, I must have patience to get clarity.

I have this Sai friend Sharmila in Coimbatore. She called up and asked if I rememer the article in which I had wrote an imaginary story that I spend time with Saibaba in Shirdi during his lifetime. I told her that I don’t remember most of the articles. I believe, She has read this article

I am selfish and I alone eat, sleep and play with Shirdi Saibaba

She also asked how I manage to write regularly in StarSai? I told her that I spend time at night after 11 or morning before I start to work. Sometimes, You will see few typo and grammer mistakes since I will write fastly and won’t even proof read.

I was basically OK until evening. When I reached Saibaba temple, I gradually started having some fear deep in my heart. I can’t understand why I fear? I feel little upset with my life. Sharmila even told me always be positive and never write that you are depressed in StarSai as many people look up on you as a source of inspiration.

Lets see.

Today, I launched Indiajia to people who come to StarSai. The problem is, I hardly have time to write good content that can really help people. I must work on it sincerely.

I pray Saibaba to show me a way

Vande Mataram


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