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Why Saints don’t involve in any business?

Sairam friends,

I don’t know what’s happening in my life. This morning I had a dream as If I wear a mask in my nose and someone says, get a mask for heart also since its cheap. I woke up and asked Baba if I am going to get some other pain too. I was really upset with such dreams as I don’t want to get sick. I believe Sai has already saved me from worse.

Anyway, Today, I wanted to write about why Saint’s don’t do any “Work” specifically to earn. Saints “Work” just as a matter of good karma but never try to make it as a Job or business.

Few month back, I was using a perfume which my Sister’s FIL got for me from the U.S. I liked the fragrance very much. After few days, my eyes started having slight irritation when ever I used the perfume. At times, eyes would even go red. So I gave the perfume to my friend since it was allergic to me.

During this time, I had a simple website listing perfume brands. When I had pain in eye, I felt what if someone buys perfume through my site and gets hurt in their eyes and deleted the site.

The moral of the story is

“Any thing which we do for commercial gain has its own pros and cons. Even if we are doing a business that serves millions of people, there are chances that some customers might face a difficulty.”

This experience made me think why Shirdi Saibaba and other true ancient saints in India did not involve themselves in any business? Seems any effort to earn money leads to harming someone at some point of time.

There are few jobs which you can call as good karma and all career and honest business is a good karma as long as its done truthfully. But even in such ‘Work’, there are chances that we might do little harm to at least one or few customer without our knowledge.

Saints don’t even cook themselves especially since while heating, washing vessels etc, micro organisms are being killed. So they take alms and have food.

Sai used to take alms in 5 houses everyday most of his life. In the later part of his life, Sai occasionally cooks food in a huge pot for his devotees. I think Sai tried a bit to live as common man giving away strict rules adhered by saints. Sai was one with us.

Sai warned devotees if they are going to face loss due to any business they were planning. Sai also encouraged few devotees to do business they are planning. It depends. Sai makes people do what is good for each one.

Sai blessings,


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  • Jai Sai ram,

    You have done excellent analyses , we do anything only if Baba’s wants us to do,
    But to understand what is asking us to do is a question mark, especially for me.
    Sure Baba always has a better plan for his kids.

    Jai sai Ram

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