Why good girls suffer in relationship issues?

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Sairam friends,

Who is Shirdi Saibaba?

This question keeps repeating in my heart again and again now a days. Yesterday, when I was in the Saibaba temple, I was wondering even if the priests over there realized who is Sai? I always imagine Sai living in Dwarakamai of my heart and give a life to him on my own. I build stories with my imagination as if Sai is speaking to me, rejoicing with his devotees and blessing few devotees.

I really can’t understand Sai as a saint yet. Most of us don’t take any effort to understand Sai. No one in this whole universe can understand how powerful is my Sai and what he has done to me. Just because I can’t prove something, that doesn’t mean my Sai’s words are false. Saibaba works in mysterious ways.

I will cherish the way he conveyed few messages in dream and I trust him whole heartedly.

This morning, one of my friend was telling me about Maniratnam’s new movie “Kaatru Veliyidai‘  and was telling me how much he hates people doing bad reviews about such wonderful movie. He  described the story as in how some men doesn’t understand the value of women in their life and treat them harshly.

It was nice listening to him speaking about the movie but it made me remember my filmmaking days. Its still in my memory. The day when just 5 of us watched a Srilankan movie in a preview theatre and one of them was Mani Sir. I don’t know what Saibaba would have thought over a decade back when I had prayed him that I wanna be a successful filmmaker?

Sai would have silently thought, you are going to eventually work in an IT organization and lead a simple life with your parents in Coimbatore.

Anyway, Life is like this. We desire something and we are destined to get something else.

I did not loose anything because I consider it as my gift to be with my parents.

Even when I was in Mumbai working as a faculty in a filmschool, I used to tell Sai that it would be great to go to work in Coimbatore and come back and sleep peacefully in our home. Sai did fulfill this little desire of mine.

Why good girls and good guys suffer in relationship issues?

I touched this topic several times in StarSai. Writing this again as I felt some of you need an answer from Sai.

Once in a while, I used to get mails from Sai devotees saying that they are suffering in relationship issues and don’t know why it happens to them. Mostly its girls who write me but now a days, some guys too write. My usual habit is not to reply or if I do reply, I will ask them to divert their mind and focus on something useful.

I know it pains but you must live strong internally and keep moving in life.

To answer the question, why do good girls alone suffer in relationship issues, let me clarify this.

You might be good in this birth but life isn’t just about this birth. Its a totality of what your soul did in past several births. I usually have this belief about my own life. I must have sinned many girls in past several births to suffer like this. Its immensely true because why should I suffer so much in my life? And why is my suffering continuing even till this very day?

This is the karmic equation I am trying to solve.

I must as many girls and women happy as possible by doing good karma. Someday, my sins will be washed away by my good deeds and I will be blessed with a good life.

Sometimes, when you people write to me, I don’t feel the pain. After sometime, I realize that you are going through a pain I had gone through for several years in my life. What should I tell you.  I have requested so many girls and guys to focus on something more productive but the reply they expect from me is something positive about their relationship.

If a Man leaves you, its done. Its OK to wait few month but beyond that, keep moving. You deserve a better man.

The same applies to guys too. If a girl quits you, wait for sometime. If not, just focus on your work, be dedicated in what you do and move on.

So how can Shirdi Saibaba help you?

Saibaba has not helped me. Why should he? In more than one issue, Saibaba only let me down. No its not Sai. Its these girls who let me down. Why should we blame Sai when the person involves isn’t good for us. Sai knows who’s going to be really good for me and will only bless me with such a girl.

The same applies to you.

You are going through a breakup and Saibaba doesn’t seem to help you. This is just your own perception. If the guy is gold, he would have behaved with good heart to you.

Saibaba is simply proving that the man whom you trusted is not good to keep you happily for lifetime.

Why should Sai get you to such a man who’s going to ruin your life?

Sai will only keep you safe as you are his child.

Even when you go through a pain, remember Sai is only helping you get out of shackles of a very bad married life with a wrong man/women.

I am feeling sleepy now

Keep chanting




in mind

Your life will be good


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  • Life is such.

    Helping those heal from love pain is comparable service to help people who are physically sick . Loss is such.

    Why turn them away …? Possibility for service is enormous.

    Hurt is hurt. Seva.

    Sai Ram

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