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Who wants to have Sai’s wealth?

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

First lets define wealth. Wealth is not simply earning money. Wealth is the savings and the assets/property you own which will enable you to survive without a job/business for a period of time. Example – If you spend 100 Rupees a day for survival and have a savings of 10,000 Rs, then your wealth is ability to live without effort to earn money for next 100 days. ( That’s 10,000/100 = 100).

I read it in the book by Robert.T.Kiyosaki Rich Dad series.

If I ask myself whats my wealth, I will only ask if I can survive even the very next month without a job. In the U.S, most citizens can survive without a job for maximum of 3 to 4 month.

Now lets come to Sai.

Saibaba has helped people to do well in studies and also get Job or earn good profit in Business. There were few devotees to whom Saibaba used to give money everyday as gift. Example – Tatya got 4 Rupees everyday from Sai. After few years Sai told him “Do not give to others?”

Here, Sai’s intention is not stopping Tatya from helping others but since he has lots of money people who borrow money from him will not bother to return it. Secondly, Saibaba wants him to invest in something that will feed him for generations together. So Baba asked Tatya to buy 80 acres of Land in the outskirts of Shirdi. As of 2007, I know that land was still a part of the Tatay’s family. Saibaba has always wanted his devotees to save for their future.

Now, lets leave the material “Wealth” and come to Sai’s Wealth.

Meanwhile, A photo sent by Shanthi

Shirdi Saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba Pooja

Sai’s Wealth 

There are millions of Sai devotees. Ask randomly if they are happy. Some will say YES and Some will only worry that Sai did not help them yet. The reason they are fed up with life is that they din’t realize the power of Sai’s wealth. Sai has said “My treasure is available in cart loads but nobody wants it. The blessed son of true Mother will dig this Spiritual wealth of mine.”

Lets say you failed in an exam or you did not get a Job. You are not able to marry the one whom you love. You are not happy in your married life. All these material gains and happiness in life can be called as “Sai’s blessings” but Sai’s Wealth is spiritual treasure he offers you.

Every single remembrance of God and Sai adds to your treasure

Every time you speak, listen and hear good, you add to your Sai’s wealth

Every small good deed you do is Sai’s Wealth.

Why should we continuously be devoted to Saibaba and involve in good deeds? Because this is like bank balance for Sai to withdraw when you are in crisis situation. What ever good you do will be credited in Sai’s Wealth and when you desperately need help, Sai will be there for you.

Secondly, When you are spiritually pure and self-realized, the ups and downs in life will not hurt you much.

I get several mails from devotees about the problems they face. Most of us relate Sai devotion to miracles and how much our life is supposed to change by Sai’s blessings. True. That’s why I also pray Sai for. When things doesn’t happen as we wish, we must be satisfied that our devotion is certainly valued by Sai. Just because some desire is not fulfilled, we must not be fed up in life. When you keep increasing your Sai’s Wealth, you can survive no matter what happens. Sai will always be with you and show you a way.

Have patience and remember that your devotion and good deeds are Sai’s Wealth. When the right time comes, Sai will use it for you.

Om Sai Ram


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