What the society has done to me?

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

All these years, I was with an perception that I have done a lot for Shirdi Saibaba and Sai devotes. I may not have practically helped anyone but StarSai has touched lives of thousands of people who had transformed their life by their own devotion and effort.

Today Saibaba blessed me with a dream which made me realize the truth.

I have not realized that Sai devotees ( Everyone including those who don’t know about StarSai) have done a lot to me indirectly.  To see this in a broader scale, the society I belong to has done a lot to me. There are good people around every where. So I was able to do good in my own way. Probably, Sai kept me with these ordinary people to do something back to them.

Meanwhile, Have a look at how Murali Sai has decorated Saibaba in his house during Krishna Janmashtami Pooja


Saibaba beautifully decorated

Sai likes it when we do something back to the society we belong to

Sai himself has been living for the welfare of the wretched and the miserable. I invested a lot trying to do something which will do good to others. Then, I realized its not working out and give up. To be honest, I may not be able to do something in gross-root level but I can basically do good which according to me is Good enough. We can choose to make a change globally but it must basically start from our own place. Our own country. This will make our life meaningful.

If we don’t touch lives of ordinary people, then, what’s the use of living? 20 years from now, when I look back, I wanted to feel satisfied for what I did to the place I belong to.

There are Sai devotees writing me about problems in their life. Some wants to marry a guy/girl they like. Some wants a child. Some wants a better business or job. Some wants to pay back their debt. Some devotees wants better education to their children.

I can choose to reply them or not because even if I reply I fear, my bad luck would stick to them. As my parents feel, when I myself don’t know to shape my life, what good will I be to others?

Its been long since I am trying to find a meaning of my life. Am I going to be nothing. Doing things which I believe will make money and which never reaches the people who really need some guidance?

The Society won’t give us what we want but it has let us be what we are today. If I am good, then its because of good parents, sister and also the good environment the country offered me.

I really see Sai has some plans for me and he just wants me to work on it.

Hope Sai’s wish comes true because mine never. I have experimented it. So I decided to make Sai’s desire as mine.



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