What if your parents say no to get married to the one you love?

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Sairam friends,

Its been such a long, long time since I made a video for all of you. I can’t use the same Youtube channel since I made some videos and posted there which I shared with few friends in my office. They also subscribed to the channel. Hence, If I post another video in same channel, they might get video recommondation and come to know about StarSai. I keep StarSai as a treasure atleast from people at work. Hence, I made a new Youtube Channel – StarSai

Few weeks back, I got a mail from a girl that she told about the guy she likes to marry to her parents. Seems her parents initially agreed but later said few reasons not to go for it. Further, they immediately started searching match for her. I felt that’s really foolish as if their own dear daughter is going to run away if they don’t act immediately.

Further, this video is inspired by a Sai dream. I don’t need anyone to tell me what’s happening around. Sai is antaryami and he knows everything. What ever message he believes I must know, he communicates to me. I hope someday, people realize that. I have only faced humiliation and suffered a lot just because I opened up my Sai dreams to few.

Anyway, I spoke to heal guys and girls who’s parents don’t understand them and react too harshly.  I have personally experienced such situation in few Indian families which made me work on this video.

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After I did this work, I wrote to the girl who mailed me her problem. She wasn’t the only girl who had mailed me with similar issue but her mail made me get upset. She listened to the video and replied as below

Thanks​ a lot
I believe I am the one who sent u that mail and it’s been around 8 months since everything happened. The wound of breakup is still there and I know it will remain as a scar in me. But now I am strong enough to face it and my parents have found a new guy for me. Next month I will be getting engaged and get married by year end. Even now memories of my Iove haunts me.Request pray for us. At the same time, please do pray for me ex to have a peaceful family life ahead

(I din’t reveal her name as I have privacy policy in place. I even posted her reply only to make you people realize that several girls and some guys do face this issue in their life)

Below is the Video transcript

I am not sure what kind of country I belong to. They call it cultured. They call it colorful and beautiful. India is known to be a divine land too.

It is. Agreed.

But India is also a country which strangly brings parents decision as the key ingridient for a girl or guy to get married. I respect my parents. I know all who listens to this love their Mom and Dad immensely. But in few cases, your parents might not realize that they are actually ruining your life.

It is responsibility of a Mother and Father to make sure that their daughter gets married to the right man.

Your Mom wants to see everything auspicious happening in your life after you get married. Like you, your Mom too dreams that you must lead a happy life and give birth to wonderful babies and raise them responsibly.

Your Father wants to see you getting married to a Man who earns so much that he can get all that you desire on planet Earth.

So if a guy earns good enough, if he is from the same religion and caste and most essentially, if this guy is choosen by your parents and you agree to marry him, then great! You are a good daughter!

What if you say No because you are already in love with some guy?

There will be an Earth quake at home.

They will do all kinds of drama and sentimental talks and plead you to give up your dreams and plans to marry the man you love deeply.

If you want me to see this from Parents perspective, I agree, they are just making sure you marry a man who’s good and who comes from a good family and status.

Strangely enough. This isn’t true in most cases.

In some families, they have a silly ego issue that makes the girls or guys parents decide to break up the marriage.

In most families, parents say a big No to get married as the guy or a girl is from different caste.

If your daughter or son loves someone from another caste, what is the probability that he/she is not a good guy or a girl?

The extreme reaction our parents take really hurts me.

As soon as they learn that their Daughter likes some guy they don’t like, they will immediately start to look for alliance.

Is it not stupid?

She’s your daughter. You brought her up.

Is she gonna run away from you?

She loves you and lives for you.

Give her some space.

If you don’t want her to marry the guy she loves, give her some time to come out of it.

It takes few months to come out of some relationship.

The pain that you are allowed to marry the one whom you dreamt as a lifetime gift is unbearable.

No parents are going to listen to this. Its always the sons or daughters. The poor little children of this country.

In some cases, they might be some good reason for God to let our parents have such an attitude.

Not all who get married to their love lead a successful married life.

Sometimes, your parents might have only done good to you by their stubborn attitude.

You never know if the guy or girl who love dearly will remain the same after they marries you.

Yes. True love but human mind changes several crore times in a minute. That’s what scriptures says.

A Man who truly loves you today may loose interest in you after you both get married.

So what should you do when your parents say no to get married to the one you love?

  1. Be Strong Internally

Its good to be sensitive and cry for a while but internally, be a strong man or women. Be someone who can accept the changes life brings you. After all they are your parents, so learn to make them happy.

Don’t marry someone else they choose immediately but don’t ignore their desire completely. Some relationships are made to break up in the end. Is that going to let you down.

2. Learn to love everyone

One of the worst thing I have seen in girls is this. When they are in love with someone, every other Man will seem to be like a fool to them. Atleast if he shows her that he cares for her. This message is both for guys and girls. Do not be deeply in love with one person alone. Give space for others in your life. Let go of the past and move on. Learn to love everyone.

3.  Request for some space in your life

You don’t have to react too harshly, Request them for some time. Yes. You are their own daughter but that doesn’t mean you can marry someone else as soon as they denied your love. Request them to give you some time and space. Time is the greatest healer and time really heals.

4. Be yourself

Don’t get hurt if you listen to your someone you love saying you cheated them etc. That’s not your fault alone. You can’t prove your love even to the one whom you dearly loved. So be yourself. Learn to accept your failure. Its afterall not going to pain that much after few months.  You can neither be good to your love or your parents in some situation. So what can you do? You have to live any way. Just change your mind set to focus on something more important.

Think about people who starve for food in some part of the world.

Think about kids who don’t have good education.

The Newtons survival of the fittest applies even to the way you face break up.

You can survivve and you certainly might meet someone good in the days to come.

That’s it.

There’s a reason I did this talk today.

People think that I imagine everything myself and Saibaba is not guiding me in dreams. I don’t know how to prove my friends and this whole world that Sai honestly guides me through dreams. I suffered a lot since his dreams had no relationship with reality.I trust him. I have faith in his words.

And today..

He had another message and the message was to say few good words to girls and guys who are going through break up and who can’t marry the one they dearly love.

Remember. You can pass this pain too.

Your life will be good too.

So I spoke for you.

This one is for you.

I hope it heals you.

Om Sai Ram.


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