Wealth must come through hardwork which doesn’t bring in disease or bad habits and bad company

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

There was an Ashta Lakshmi photograph in our hall which was removed while we painted our home before 6 month. I used to offer a flower to the photograph regularly which I missed. I was feeling lazy to replace the photograph in the same place and left it.

On Saturday, we had been to shop to buy some stuff for Navratri and my Father bought a Ashta Lakshmi photograph which also had Lord Kuberan – Kubera in Hindi.

I have started to offer flowers to this new photograph. Last night, I asked my Father if he knows about Lord Kuber for which they don’t have an answer. So I searched and found that he’s half brother of Ravana and he ruled Lanka. Ravana drove him away and captured Lanka. So Kuber did tapas and was blessed by Lord Shiva and Parvathi that he will be God of all Wealth.

I found an animal over Kuber’s lap and asked my Father if he knows what’s it? He din’t know that. Later, I found that its Mongoose. Seems Mongoose is kept by Kuber because it can even kill a Snake. When we are blessed with lots of money and wealth, we might eventually get into bad habits, bad company or some even say that disease comes along with wealth because at times wealth is earned wrong ways. ( Snake here is the ill effects of Wealth)

So when we worship Kuber and work hard for every penny we earn, we won’t face the negative effects of wealth!

Also, Mahalakshmi is not static. She keeps going from one person to another. In order to keep Lakshmi live in our life forever, we must worship Kuber.

I am not writing this for you to worship Kuber but to learn the indirect consequences of making lots of money. At times, its good to be happy with what we earn and lead a simple life. Even if we earn a lot, we must make sure that we keep away from bad company and bad habits.

Saibaba likes it when you work hard and sincerely for your dream to come true.

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