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Walking in the streets and reading in Dwarakamai

Sairam friends,

On Saturday, My parents and myself went to Aravind Eye Hospital . I respect this Eye care organization a lot because of the kind of service they do to humanity. They maintain high standards that its the only organization about which I directly mention in StarSai so that people can be benefited by them. Their Aravid Model is highly researched by Business schools and organizations across the globe. More than half the eye surgeries they do are done free of cost for the poor.

So irrespective of the time it takes for you to do checkup, Its worth spending your money for such Institutions as it helps them grow ahead.

Both my parent had to check their eye and each one had to be in different halls. Hence, I was reading a book and also tracking both of them occasionally. I don’t have to worry much as everything happens in order. My Mom is OK but Dad was told by the Doctor that its good to have a cataract surgery in his other eye too. My Father don’t want to do it but I told him that its good to do after summer. So Let’s see.

We went to my cousin’s home to see his kid.

In the evening, I had really impatient time due to traffic jam. I went to the departmental store to get things for neighbor as uncle is not well. My Ma too wanted to get something. Unfortunately, I stood behind a family with a kid having bulk of things in their cart. I was time passing looking at the kid. She kept asking her father to first scan the pack of Chocolates which she likes so that she can have it.

Later, I lost all my patience waiting for my turn to bill. Finally, I could only spare 5 minutes in Saibaba temple as it was already closed.

On Sunday, I decided to clean my room. It has gone worse once again. I took bag full of papers and stuff which are thrown out. Then, I did not even have strength to arrange all books in order. I have just kept them. Then, My Father and Myself used the vacuum cleaner to clean my Computer. I feel fresh and happy now.

I wish to do a plan to avoid all the dust entering my room friends.

In the evening, I went to Nagasai Mandir. I was worried about my life. Felt really painful. I decided to walk all over the streets in Saibaba Colony for no reason.  I like R.S. Puram for my Week end walking though. I walked few minutes thinking about my life. I tried to chant Saibaba’s holy name in mind. This too did not gave me peace of mind.

So I decided to get a copy of Photography Magazine and went back to Saibaba temple. I sat in Dwarakamai near Tulasi plant and read few articles. I felt like doing photography once again by Sai grace.

My Sister’s daughter was on call. I asked her if she saw the fat Rabbits near her home and also the Deer which comes to her neighborhood. I told her that she must tell her Mom what ever happened in School.

They had been to Hindu temple in Omaha. So I asked my Sis’s Daughter what Gods were there? If she saw Ganesha has Elephant face and Hanuman has Monkey’s face. I told her about Monkey’s in India which she liked. he he…

So why I like walking? Walking is good for health and also mind.

Even this morning, I read story of Gadge Maharaj. A Saint who lived during Saibaba’s lifetime. He left his home and walked from one village to another. He used to take alms and have food. If anyone refuses to give food, he silently walks away. At night,he was not allowed to stay inside the village. Seems, those days, a stranger was not encouraged to stay in village.. Ha ha. He is considered to be a thief.

See how times have changed? Today, any one can stay any where. At least if there’s a decent Hotel.

Gadge Maharaj used to live in the outskirts of each village during the night. He had to bear the cold weather and sometimes was left hungry all day and night. Such was the life of saints in ancient India. One of the reason why I hate today’s so called Guru’s.

Saints lived a very simple life friends. Today, even Shirdi Saibaba temples doesn’t portray Sai as he really was. We show case Sai as if he’s lived a luxurious life. Sai was leading a very ordinary life. Big crowd of devotees, lots of food items, gifts to sansthan – Everything happened only during his last 10 to 15 years.

I can’t imagine what kind of life our Saibaba led before 1900. He must have even starved for food few days when he could not get enough to eat from the 5 homes he used to take alms. They themselves must have not got enough during few years.  Its just my imagination. Sai must have starved for food. Sai must have felt cold when water was leaking from old Masjid during rainy season. Sai also must have felt hot during summer.

May be, he did not had enough clothes to wear too. We never know.

We have very little information about the hurdles faced by Saibaba during his early days in Shirdi.

Sai even has walked a lot friends. Somehow, if you take all ancient saints in India, they had done some kind of physical strain and one among that is walking.

Now I am feeling sleepy friends. I told you all that happened in the past 2 days.

Eyes are closing now.

Sai blessings friends.


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