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Sairam friends,

I was working all day to launch my new website which I believe will help many students, professionals and Entrepreneurs. My parents were asking what I am doing all day near my Computer? I don’t know what to say because the whole world thinks I am wasting my time. My Mom asked me to buy a new SLR Camera as my old one is outdated. I wish to do some photography again friends. I don’t know whats going to happen in life…

Let’s see. I really wish to do something that changes others life and bring peace to them. I have done that to an extent through StarSai…Now I wanted to see if Sai can help me do it in other field of interest.

OK friends

Am really late now

Just posting a devotees experience

Read on…

Aum Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai,

My niece was in the hospital,she had high fever for many days,she had grown weak.She used to
get high fever after every 12 hours.On the fifth day in the hospital,my bhabi asked me to apply udi on
her.When I applied udi her boy was warm she had 101.5 fever,this was around 2:00 pm ,around 3:00 pm
my bhabi checked she had no fever at all.We kept applying udi every few hours.After that day the fever
subsequently reduced ,by the 8th day she had no fever.

The doctors conducted many blood tests and scans to detect the cause.We were very worried we thought of the worst thing she could be suffering from.

One of the vital test report was due on thursday evening…. all of us were very scared…that day I visited a Sai temple and prayed to him….that by the end of the day I should get some good result regarding my niece….That evening the doctor declared she was suffering from Tuberculosis which is easily treatable and now she is on medication for the same.We were relaxed as we assumed the worst.It is the grace and love of Sai.His udi is Amrit….His Leela is great…Salutations to the humble fakir..his
miracles are countless…t

his is just a drop in the ocean…

Jai Jai Sai


Hope you like it..Devotees who cannot get Udi from Shirdi can use even any edible food item, grind it and use as UDI

Its the belief that it is UDI and remembrance of Sai’s holy name which gives greatness and power to heal to udi


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