Everyone needs a twist in their story Sai

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

These days, I watch documentaries every night and read world History to understand culture and problems faced in several countries. Innocent people in Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Maldives and several parts of Africa are suffering a lot. The worst part is Buddist Monks saying that they don’t accept that Rohingya’s as a part of Mayanmar. Well. Why are you a Monk then?

I pray Sai to take care of these people who deseve right to lead their life in the land which belongs to them.

Everyone needs a twist in their story.

The Syrian refugees have been waiting for over 6-7 years dreaming that their country will turn peaceful and they can go back and build their towns from scratch. It may not happen immediately but God willing, there must be a twist in the story and it must be a positive twist.

I am concerned about China’s claim for a part of Arunachal Pradesh. They have enough land to support their needs and must not even think about touching my “home” – Like love, a border is real only if both sides believe in it. 

There are devotees who write me about their life being stagnated  for several years. Some have problems in their business, some in their career, some worry about their children, some are pained due to their Husband and Wife and some are pained as they can’t marry the one they love.

People gradually start to ask Sai if he really cares for them? I usually don’t reply all mails because people expect life to change instantly. I have never seen life changing as fast as we desire.

Sai assures you a good life but he himself never knew when that positive “Twist” is going to happen.

Patience is the key here. You must bear what ever happens in your life with immense patience.

The past 2-3 days, I am trying to keep myself happy. I suddenly get depressed but basically, I understood life is not going to change just because I am sad.

Last night, I went to Saibaba temple and told Baba

“I am bored of this girl he keeps showing in dream and he must bring a twist to the story”.

Let that be also a positive twist in this girls life. If people I care are not around, I fear a lot. Couple of days, this girl din’t turn up to work and hence I prayed for her when I went to temple on Friday night. I realized She’s not around only on the second day. That’s how much I feel embarrassed to even notice her presence. May be, She’s completely alright but how will I come to know? I am tempted to pray to Sai for her well being as I have this bad quality of fearing and imagining something would happen to my dear one’s.

Few years back, I often had a habit worrying a lot about my Sister. One of this guy who came to her wedding from Spain told me “No matter how much you pray, if your Sister  wanna cross a subway in foreign country, she must cross it all alone. You can’t hold her hands and walk with her to protect her”.

I told him “My prayers will send her someone to protect her the moment she’s in need”

Some people don’t understand the power of prayers and hence we can’t argue with them.

I understood that I must not imagine that something wrong would happen to my dear one’s because Saibaba is always guarding them.

Anyway, I really wish this girl is already engaged to the guy she likes or may be married too in these couple of days. That would make me really happy because that’s how Sai’s experiences moulded me over the years.

I told Saibaba “Kahani mein thoda twist chahieye Baba.

Let this 18 month long story have a positive twist for this girl like a fairy tale. Lets conclude it as “And they lived happily ever after…”

All my worries will be washed away..he he..I will proudly tell Sai I respected his words so long and start my life fresh.

Namma vera story ku polaam Baba – Lets move to another story …

Though I write this, nothing is going to happen in reality. I will only get depressed and confused when Sai can’t get me an answer until now. This is how life works. This issue I am facing is nothing. I am trying to take it light. Once in while, I am pained but I get normal and have fun. Just that I am the one who’s digesting all this. Wish I could do good to many girls in this birth so that all my sins will be washed away. I don’t even know what good I must do? I have 2 whole days during weekend which I am wasting completely.

I slept off watching a documentary on Syria.

I did not had any dream last night.

I went to shopping in the city during the afternoon and saw another girl from office in the parking space. As I always say, I can’t recogonize any guys or girls from office if I see them in other environment. I actually saw her previously but assumed its not her and moved away. Later, this girl saw me and only then I walked to her. I told her, “I saw you but thought its not you.”

I don’t know most of these guys and girls by name. I asked for her name.

She told me that she had come with her Sister. I told her that I couldn’t recogonize you since you look slim now.

(Not sure if she took it as a compliment or otherwise – I really felt she’s kutti (small) compared to how she was when I had seen her at work. Problem with me is, I say what ever I feel on face).

While I was driving home, I told Sai in mind, “Indha Cute-tu kutti laam kanavula vandhrukalame Sai”.

You would have atleast showed these girls in dream. You kept on showing dreams related to one purticular girl for months together which bothers me. Especially since I don’t know who she is? I don’t even understand how to live my life now?

So that’s my situation. I feel stagnated as I respect Sai’s words.

For all the prayers I did, I believe this girl will get married soon because her love is true and I know several girls who write me about how sincerely they love the guy in their life. So let her be blessed soon by Sai. Such a positive twist in this girls life too can make me happy.

Everyone needs  a twist in their story.

Else, their life gets bored.

Let a devotee praying for good health, be blessed with your healing touch. 

Let a devotee praying for the right soul mate, meet someone kind.

Let a devotee praying for good education and career be blessed with a good opportunity.

Let a devotee praying to be a Mother, be blessed with a child.

Baba, bless your children with positive twists in their story.

Edit – I am writing this 2 days after I wrote above  article. I wrote this article just to keep myself cool and not worry much. I am trying to be positive in life. After few years, I might cherish these memories.

Usually, when you come across a good looking girl, you feel elated. That’s natural but as I get old, I feel there’s some wisdom in me.

Sai has blessed me with an ability to perceive girls with a very caring “eyes”.

It took years of several painful experiences in few relationships for me to realize how beautiful it is when you are not attracted to a girl for how she looks and simply have a feeling of responsibility to be good to them. You can’t go about doing good to all girls you come across in life. So simply be good to them at heart.



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