Throw stones on your bad thoughts and habits

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

On several occasions, I get dreams from Saibaba related to me driving my car. When ever I get such a dream, I understand Saibaba has saved me from something worse which was to happen. I rarely drive myself to office especially since I don’t like going alone. Atleast, in the morning, I play songs. I feel really depressed when I drive back home. Its more fun to go with friends or even go by bus. Further, I don’t have much physical activity other than walking. It honestly helps me a lot.

This morning, I had a dream as if I find some stones inside my car. I wondered how Stones have entered my car as if someone dropped it inside or it has been pelt with stone. The car was parked opposite to the canteen at work.

For long time now, I am planning to write an article for people who have fear of driving. I completely forgot that I had such fear few years back but I still worry a lot when ever I see my friends speed up in their bike or car. We are not only responsible for ourselves but also other people on road. I don’t have time to add content on –

I especially don’t like people driving after they drink and try my best to tell them not to do so.

There must be thousands of Sai children who might have fear of driving too. So planning to speak to make people who are scared to drive to feel better!

I have all creative ways to convert any Sai dream into an article.

So I got this idea

If throwing stones is something good, then  we must throw stones on our bad thoughts, habits and activities.

Everyone of us simply do drama as if we are doing good and being good. All of us, knowingly or unknowingly have some bad thoughts and attitude.

Let us throw stones on these negative qualities. Let us get rid of all that haunts our growth.

Saibaba will be happy when we are desperately hating the bad and evil. Sai will naturally bring in good thoughts and habits in our life.

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