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The saint who works in silence

Sairam friends,

I have loads of complaints against Shirdi Saibaba every now and then in my life but I know his soul. Sai has ever been kind to me and taken care of our family with love. I might have failed in various aspects of life but Sai never gave up on me and I never give up remembering Sai.

Irrespective of all these misunderstanding between me and Saibaba, we both accept each other as good friends.

We had several arguments and it has never ended up with a split in our relationship. We had always played, ate, slept and grown together.

I believe in Sai.

I know this is a saint who works in silence.

Sai blessings


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  • I love u baba i trust u my sai. please alwayz be with my parents my brother my krishna me and krishna’s family. Also all devotees of baba.

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