The Saint who prevents evil from reaching us

Sairam friends,

I have experienced the way Shirdi Saibaba protects his humble devotees on several occasions. Sai never lets us face any one who would turn dangerous. Sai just asks us to be calm and let go of evil people as they wish.  Many Sai devotees write to me asking why Baba has not prevented something from happening?

Why he has not helped us when he must have.

Remember. Sai would have certainly helped to the extent he could.

The other way to understand this is –

Few days back, Saibaba would have shown you a way to involve in a good deed which would have got you enough blessings to avoid the bad incident to happen now. Always, look for opportunities to do good. This will save you when you need help most.

Saints can’t protect us and do good to us as they wish. They are abided by law of karma.

So kindly make use of every good opportunity to do good.

If you are wondering you are already doing good, analyze if you have any bad habits which is hindering you. Completely ignore this bad habit so that your life will be good.

Irrespective of all the probability that evil might cause pain to us and people in our family, Saibaba has his own way of preventing evil from even reaching you.

So act carefuly.

Have immense patience.

Adjust what ever happens.

Be calm and resort to Guru’s holy feet for this is a saint who loves you and your family deeply

Om Sri Sai Ram



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