தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து – Invocation to Goddess Tamil – Tamil Thai Vazhthu in dream – Sai’s way of asking me to marry a tamil girl

Sairam friends,

StarSai was born on December 23rd 2004.  I have never wrote a article in Tamil all these years though  தமிழ் is my mother tongue.  I really wish to write a article about Shirdi Sai Baba in tamil in the days to come. There is a reason behind writing about Tamil Thai Vazhthu today.  While planning to write this article, my friend Kanna came online and i told him, am going to write about Tamil Thai Vazhthu as its Tamil New Year. He said

“Ithellam correctaa paaru.. aana english pudungi maari pesarathu”

You do all this correctly but keep speaking in English as if you are…… could be the approximate translation. Ya its my problem. I speak Tamil at home but when am else where my mind thinks in English, so the same language comes out.

In August 2012, i was going through a painful situation and read a 800 page book of Shirdi Sai baba  – Sri Sai Samartha Satcharitra – A translation by Zarine from original Marati work of Hamadpant.  My mom often scolds me saying its not right to Hug Sai Satcharitra while sleeping as spiritual books are pure but over the years she’s fed up advising me. It must be first week of August 2012, when i read few chapters from Shirdi Sai baba’s life, hugged Sai Satcharitra and slept.

I have experienced few siddhi ( miracles) from Sai. Honestly, very few. This miracle was too strange friends. Around 5 A.M, i woke up and felt myself singing Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Just the first line

“நீராரும் கடலுடுத்த நில மடந்தைக் கெழிலொழுகும்

சீராரும் வதனமெனத் திகழ் பரதக் கண்டமதில்”

I wondered why i did this but i certainly know it was really not myself doing it. I felt some force in me made me wake up and murmur this song.

tamil thai vazhthu

Tamil Thai – Goddess Tamil – Photo used with courtesy . Thanks to the Artist

தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து  – Listen to Tamil Thai Vazhthu from official Tamil Nadu government site

தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து

நீராரும் கடலுடுத்த நில மடந்தைக் கெழிலொழுகும்

சீராரும் வதனமெனத் திகழ் பரதக் கண்டமதில்

தெக்கணமும் அதில் சிறந்த திராவிட நல் திருநாடும்

தக்க சிறு பிறைநுதலும் தரித்த நறும் திலகமுமே

அத்திலக வாசனை போல் அனைத்துலகும் இன்பமுற

எத்திசையும் புகழ் மணக்க இருந்தபெரும் தமிழணங்கே ! தமிழணங்கே !

உன் சீர் இளமை திறம் வியந்து செயல் மறந்து வாழ்த்துதுமே !

வாழ்த்துதுமே ! வாழ்த்துதுமே !


அலை கடலே ஆடையான இந்த அழகான பூமிப் பெண்ணிற்கு பாரத நாடே முகமாம் தென்திசை அதன் நெற்றியாம் அதில் திலகமென திகழ்வது திராவிட திருநாடாம் அந்தத் திலகத்தின் வாசனைப் போல்

அனைத்து உலகமும் இன்பம் காண எல்லா திசையிலும் புகழ் மணக்க இருக்கும் தெய்வமகள் ஆகிய தமிழே என்றென்றும் இளமையாக இருக்கிற உன்னுடைய இந்த அழகைக் கண்டு வியந்து,செய்யும் செயலையும் மறந்து வாழ்த்துகிறோம் வாழ்த்துகிறோம் வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.

Tamil Thai Vazhthu translation in English: ( Thanks to the translator)

(Oh Tamil Country!) you are beautifully clad in the wavy rivers and seas;

Your chiseled face shines amidst the famous Barath sub-continent;

You are the elite Dravidian country in the Deccan;

Your small forehead shines like the crescent with a distinct “thilagam”;

Like the fragrance of the “thilagam” rejoiced by the entire world,

Your great name and fame is known in all directions;

Oh Tamil Angel! Oh Tamil Angel!

Your majestic, youthful industriousness makes us spell bound and wish all the best for you….


When ever Sai blesses with a dream or any hint, i used to research about it and try to understand what Sai really want’s to tell me. Tamil Thai Vazhthu was written by Manonmaniyam P. Sundaram Pillai (April 4, 1855–April 26, 1897) . He was an Indian scholar, noted for the famous Tamil drama Manonmaniyam. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University was named after him.

He is from Tirunelveli which is also my place of birth and my Mom’s native place. For the past few month my Mom asks me to marry a girl her brother suggests which irritates me. I told her “Unga ooru Ponnu Vena… please vitru”. ( I don’t need a girl from your place) . Amma says I am myself from Tirunelveli for which i reply  “Nee Nalla Ponnu” ( You are good girl ). He he…

After eight months,  on 12/4/2013, again i had a dream in which i saw a girl and hear  “Tamil Thai Vazhthu” . The dream was so vivid but i get irritated thinking why shouldn’t Sai bless me with my girl. Finally, i had one sigh of relief which i keep as secret.

I know Sai conveys some message and kept wondering why Sai blesses me with a strange dream like this.

Probably it has got something to do with my past. I was totally influenced by Hindi songs.  While working in Film Industry, loved to watch Hindi movies getting edited. My favorite one being “Dil Chahta Hai” . My favorite song was Kabhi..Kabhi…

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aata hai

Ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye

Tu abse pehle sitaaron mein bas rahi thi kahin

Tujhe zameen pe bulaya gaya hai mere liye

What a beautiful meaning …

“I have this feeling in my heart, Like you are created for me, Before this time, you were residing somewhere among stars, You are called to earth just for me”

I love to tell stories while a song is being played. I love editing a song. Sai blessed me with a dream to make a documentary for Sai devotees and hopefully i will do it in the years to come.

While working in Mumbai in a film school my students used to teach me few words in Marati.

” Marati Muli Sundar disthe” , Sir, that’s how you must say “Marati girls look beautiful”. Oh ya and its True.

I don’t know if i can reveal this but as long as i am not telling you the girls name, its OK.  I used to like a girl who was a Air Hostess, Marati and obviously a Sai devotee. Who else will i like .. he he..

I love the way her family is devoted to Sai and sing Aarti regularly. ( Ipidi dhaan oru oru dhadavayum yemandhu poren baba ). Her mom very politely told me “Beta, thum yaise kyon meri beti ko ……………..” .  I love parents who take things light and call me directly to say “NO’ in a sweet manner. I love the way her mom spoke.

Several Indian families  handle such situation with a Big family drama, a quarrel and at times even a knife in hand.  I know many girls in India can’t tell their parents “Here is someone i like”. Even if they do, parents are not going to agree for various reasons status, caste, education, Age etc.

Edit – I am not in touch with this girl anymore.  4 years later she called up and wanted to be my friend irrespective of the fact that she likes someone else. I told her that she had hurt me a lot in past and its good if I keep away from her. Sometimes, If things don’t work, we must let them live their life and also completely keep away from them for life time. This is what Sai taught me.

Most Indian Marriages are all about Scenery(out ward appearance) and Status:

Most Indian Marriages happens to show relatives and friends ” Here’s my daughter, marrying someone i have chosen in my own caste. The guy is this…that…he respect elders (obviously every guy respects his own parents)” Finally after few month or years, they may or may not live in harmony.Hopefully our country changes for good.

I wanted to give respect to her Mom’s feelings and let her free to fly. She is still my friend and keep asking if i found a Tamil girl and i keep telling her Baba knows.

You see, It’s not easy to write what i experienced openly in StarSai.

“I write honestly because this is what Sai made me experience. Its not an ordinary Indian’s life. Its my culture. Taste of where i am born. Taste of தமிழ் and Fragrance of India”

My Amma used to ask me if i don’t have any intention of marring a Tamil Girl and i tell her, “If i know someone who is Tamil, who is devoted to Sai and Who can tolerate me, i will.”  I felt really blessed when i met my girl who’s Tamil but i feel sad for what ever happened.


Tamil God Murugan with Valli and Dhaivanai

Parayan of Skandha Puranam – Lord Murugan Blessings:

I love Lord Murugan and i saw Marudha Malai Murugan in Dream. Murugan is Lord of Tamil and hence i started reading “Skandha Puranam” from yesterday sitting in Dwarakamai.  I wish to complete Parayan of Skandha Puranam by Sai Murugan’s grace.

When ever i take such spiritual books and sit in home my parents get irritated saying “Nee saamiyara poga poriya. Kalyanam pandra Ideave illaya”.  To me, Its just a opportunity to learn about our way of worship. Our Gods and more . How many of us Hindu’s have learned our scriptures?. We simply go to temple, Offer Banana and fruits to Ganesha and ask for Good health and Gold.

Anyway, This article comes out of devotion i have on தமிழ். The only language my Amma speaks to me for what ever your mom speaks, Its love. It carries so much of emotions in it.  My 5 year old niece Katya knows very few words in Tamil as my Sister and Bil doesn’t speak to her in Tamil. I see my Amma praying many days to Goddess ” Katya Tamil pesanum, naan adha kekanum”. (Katya must speak Tamil and i must listen to her…)

I know kids who live in U.S speaking very good Tamil but it depends on their parents interest in teaching them to speak in mother tongue. Hope my Mom’s wish comes true.

My love for Skandha Guru Kavasam:

I love Lord Murugan’s Skandha Guru Kavasam a lot and used to recite it when ever i feel like. When someone is sick, i used to offer a glass of water to Murugan, recite Skandha Guru Kavasam and make them drink it as prasad. Trust me. It works wonders. I love the following words in Skandha Guru Kavasam.

அன்பைஎன் உள்ளத்தில் அசைவின்றி நிறுத்திவிடு
அன்பையே கண்ணாக ஆக்கிக் காத்திடுவாய்

உள்ளும் புறமும் உன்னருளாம் அன்பையே
உறுதியாக நானும் பற்றிட உவந்திடுவாய்

எல்லையில்லாத அன்பே இறைவெளி என்றாய் நீ
அங்கிங்கெனாதபடி எங்கும் அன்பென்றாய்

அன்பே சிவமும் அன்பே சக்தியும்
அன்பே ஹரியும் அன்பே பிரமனும்

அன்பே தேவரும் அன்பே மனிதரும்
அன்பே நீயும் அன்பே நானும்

அன்பே சத்தியம் அன்பே நித்தியம்
அன்பே சாந்தம் அன்பே ஆனந்தம்

அன்பே மௌனம் அன்பே மோக்ஷம்
அன்பே ப்ரமமும் அன்பே அனைத்துமென்றாய்

அன்பிலாத இடம் அங்குமிங்கு மில்லையென்றாய்
எங்கும் நிறைந்த அன்பேஎன் குருநாதனப்பா

அன்பில் உறையும் அருட்குரு நாதரே தான்
ஸ்கந்தாஸ் ரமத்தில் ஸ்கந்தகுரு வானான்காண்


Lord Murugan in his six abodes – Arupadai veedu.

Trying to translate above words from Skandha Guru kavasam, its as below…

“Listen to him who says

love is eternity
love is shiva, love is sakthi ,
love is hari , love is brahma,

love is deva, love is human,
love is you , love is me,

love is truth , love is joy,
love is tranquility, love is happiness,
love is silence , love is moksha,

Love is everything and there’s not a place in and beyond universe where there is no love.

Here “Love” is devotion we show on God and also towards all life on earth.

Touching Sai’s soul and living there forever:

This is my first article in which i tried to write some words in Tamil.  Wish to try writing about Shirdi Sai baba in Tamil in the weeks to come.

I really don’t know what Saibaba has in store for me. I might sound too strange for the world and i might laugh at how stupid i have been after few months. To me, its a journey with Sai. Every moment i pray Sai deeply, i touch his soul and come back to reality. At times, i remain within Sai. I feel blissful when Sai keeps me in the walls of his own heart.

Who ever i marry, i wish She’s a blessing from Sai.  When i read Sai Samartha Satcharitra, in August 2012, i never realized this is what Sai want’s to tell me with Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Sai’s ways are unique and probably he wanted me remain traditional. May be i am right or may not. I might remove this article someday as though i wrote it with a smile, internally, i feel painful.

Shirdi Sai Baba spoke to Sivamma thaaye in Tamil:

Since Sai devotees will be interested in learning a beautiful leela during Sai’s life time, i have a information. Sivamma Thaaye was from Vellakinar village in Tamilnadu. She was so much devoted to Sai that she finally became saint herself. She used to travel to Shirdi changing various trains before 110 years to see her Guru. During those days Sai used to bless every devotee in Marati or Hindi saying “Allah accha karega” or “Allah Malik” .

Since Sivamma Thaaye knows only tamil, seems sai used to keep his holy palm on her head and bless her saying ” Nalla Iru” in Tamil-(Be Blessed).  Seems Sai also speaks to her in Tamil only. To devotees who ask if Sai knows tamil, the answer is he is saint on who’s commands Rain stops and fire puts down. Saint’s are all powerful and full of knowledge.

I shall complete this article with another beautiful lines from Skandha Guru Kavasam

“சொன்னபடிச் செய்தால் சுப்ரமண்ய குருநாதன்
தண்ணொளிப் பெருஞ்சுடராய் உன்னுள்ளே தானிருப்பான்”

The moment you do what he says , he is not mere a God in statue ,
he lives in your own heart as a enormous flame of light .

When ever i recite, Skandha Guru Kavasam, i could feel Murugan living in my heart as a enormous flame of light.

May Murugan bless all of you.

Edit:  After writing this article, i went to Marudha Malai in evening, had good darshan. Sat near the Pambati Sithar cave and recited Skandha Guru Kavasam. My sister spoke to me tonight and i told her why parents feel so sad about me. If i like some girl, am gonna say Yes but I need some time to heal.

I am not comfortable with this cultural set up in India where every one around and relatives keep asking about marriage though its an expression of good will. I am happy that at least my sister understands my heart and supports me in her busy schedule.

Years back, i wrote a article about a temple in my Amma’s Village.

Chepparai Natarajar Temple – Arudhra Darisanam – Festival of Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva




Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai baba.

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  • Nice article. Though you moved from one subject to another the flow was good. I did not feel that they were disjointed.

    I really liked the Skanda Guru Kavasam. I have not read it. I will read it soon.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I would like to quote Bharathi “Kadhal kadhal kadhal illaiyel sadhal sadhal sadhal” and by kadhal he meant anbu, nesam and Love,

    Sezhian A

  • Kodi Nandriga l!!!!

    Have googled and I was not able to find a site which helps me to understand the meaning of the “song” that I had sang almost all the days of my school life.

    Good explanation and I will definitely pass the meaning to all the tamil lovers.

    It could be great, if there is a word by word interpretaion in modern tamil.

    Thanks!! again.

  • Mr.Venkat,

    Nice article. In the Tamizh Thai Vazthu, the word “Thekkanamum” is being taken by most people as
    “Ekkanamum” meaning “Always” or “Forever”. However, I feel, it means “the Deccan Plateau.” A part of the present day Tamil Nadu is still withing the plateau, if I am right.

    Best Wishes.

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