Why you should take care of people who work for you?

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Organizations across the globe call it “Employee Experience”. Its basically about creating an environment where you keep your Employees feel secured and happy. As far as I have anaylzed most organizations strive to keep Employees feel good but very few actually do it the right way.

Why should I write about taking care of people at work today?

There are 12 big sins which are counted as very huge to commit. One of them is

“Getting lot of work from someone who works for you and paying them very very less”.

We cannot directly relate this to¬†appraisal procedure followed by today’s Corporates because the one who runs the Company knows what he or she can afford to pay their Employees. Basically, this applies when you are making Employees work too long where their health gets spoilt and you still pay them very very less. This certainly accounts for a Sin.

I can’t justify this in any Organization because there are Boss who fire their Employees after getting work done from them. So the message is not for ordinary people like you. When ever you get work done from anyone – Be it a labour work at home or Professional service, make sure you don’t bargain too much and pay them what they deserve.

Anyway, There are Organizations which has wonderful Work Culture and Employees working there must strive to do all they can to contribute their best.

The reason I wrote this article today is this –

Every year there used to be some events on behalf of New Year in the organization I work for. This year, a Ginger eating Monkey cancelled it saying “All of you are busy. So carry on with that”. I don’t mind it because even if there are events, I only do some photography but I like to see people happy. Secondly, you must not compromise Organizational culture to show off your authority.

Anyway, I got a strange dream this morning..

It was like I walk from my place and some girls have made very small Rangoli all over their places in the floor and I am asking “Who made so many Rangoli?” but none answers me.¬† I don’t wanna let you know another part of the dream.

That’s it. I honestly don’t know why I get such dreams but I took it as a hint to write about how important it is to take care of people who work for you.

I am getting late to work now. Another show off is organizing a meeting and postponing it every few minutes. Yesturday, a meeting was cancelled thrice and they arranged it this morning!

If you have grown in the professional ladder, for Gods sake don’t showoff. Just focus on what you do and what results you bring and how you bring it!

Sai blessings,


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