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Surrendering to the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba – Be careful with whom you choose as Guru

Sairam friends,

Many devotees I come across used to talk about “Saranagathi” – Total Surrender towards our Guru. Being totally devoted to your Guru and Guru alone. There are millions of Good souls on Earth and handful of pure ancient Saints and Sadhus whom we can consider as Sadguru and be a true devotee to them. ( I don’t believe in modern Saints/Sadhus or the one who teaches Bhagavat Gita course offering certificates or the one’s teaching how to live, or the one’s teaching Yoga)

Ancient Saints and Sadhus have dedicated their life time for welfare of Humanity and none of the modern Saints can even stand in front of them. Today, Spirituality has become too commercial that people bring ailing souls to their ashram kind of so called pilgrimage centers and brain wash them to believe in so so Gurus and their philosophy.

sai paduka satka

Shirdi Sai Baba Padhuka and small stick sai used to have in his palm to do miracles – Satka

Be careful with whom you choose as Guru

One of the priest  told me this story. A Married girl little depressed in her family has gone to a so called ashram I don’t like to name as it will get me in to problems. The lady was asked details about her wealth, property every thing. They offered her free accommodation, God dam special care etc. Her Father has called up his daughter to ask when she’s coming back after 15 days. She has been brainwashed so much that she decided to stay back in ashram and also filed a case against her own Dad to give part of her wealth amounting crore’s of Rupees.

Her Father has tried his best to rescue his daughter but its of no use. Think about situation of her little children?

There are young Men and Women too who are hooked to such idiotic ashrams, institutions in the name of serving Guru and God.Go see which ancient Guru hooked any of his shishya for the sake of Money and his wealth. Cheating people in the name of God is the worst sin one can commit and why do you want to fall prey to these modern Gurus?

I have seen so many young guys and girls wearing some uniformed dress and speaking spiritual stuff. What are they doing here? They are supposed to be with their family and enjoy life with their friends. No matter how good I serve Sai, Sai still wants me to do my work and enjoy my life and have fun. You just have to do good and involve in good deeds and think good where ever you go.

Sai has said “Go where ever you wish, over the seven seas, Just know that what ever you do is known to me”

Serve your parents – Your Husband/wife and your children:

Shirdi Sai Baba and any ancient Guru if they come alive will only ask you to be practical. So many devotees ask me if there’s a way they can live in Shirdi and serve Sai Baba. What ? Serving Saibaba in Shirdi?

How is it possible if you can’t do it in the place you belong.

Sai never asked you to even come to Shirdi to see him. He calls you when he wants or else he is very happy if you build a temple for him in heart and realize the “SAI’ in you. Go to Shirdi for pilgrimage when you are really free and have time and come back to your life. your studies, your job. your sufferings etc. You have to suffer where you belong. You may not have good health or job but experience it ever chanting Sai..Sai..Sai in mind. That’s the way to make Sai happy. Ever remembering him. You think only living in Shirdi or any sacred place or ashram can make you lead a saintly life. You can marry, have children , be responsible and still be pure at heart.

Saintly life is not about dress code or speaking some spiritual stuff from what you realized. Its about doing your karma with pure heart.

I believe Serving your parents,husband, wife, siblings and your children makes Sai Baba more happy than having any idea of leaving them and running away.

Sai wants you to be responsible and he will help you lead a comfortable life having spirituality in your heart.

My experiences worshiping various Datta Avatars:

I love all Hindu Gods and Goddess and my favourite one is Lord Murugan for I love to read Skandha Guru Kavasam and Venkateswara for he has come in my dream. I can say I love all Goddess and my favourite one is Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur and Koothanur Saraswathi. I wish to go Kolhapur when I get maried…he he…

Shirdi Sai Baba being 5th avatar of Lord Dattatreya, I have influence of all Datta avatar

1.Sri Padha Sri Vallabha

2. Narasimha Saraswati – Read the book Guru Charitra

3. Manikya Prabhu – ( Don’t know much about him accept he is avatar)

4. Swami Samartha – Akalkot Maharaj

5. Shirdi Sai Baba

apart from this, I love all ancient Saints and Yogi.

Somehow, My experience with Saint Sri Padha Sri Vallabha is very influencing and I consider him very close to my Heart as Sai.

Every day, I used to offer a flower to a Book of Sree Padha Sree Vallabha and today I suddenly realized may be Sai is not helping me because am focussing on all Saints. All these saints are good and Sai encouraged his devotees to love Saints.

When ever people sing aarti of saibaba when the name of “Gana Dev,Tuka ram” is sung, Sai used to smile and raise his hands with glory….So Sai loves when we are devoted to any Good Saints and Sadhus and have them as Guru.

Today, I felt may be I must have this total surrender to Shirdi Sai Baba.

A complete happiness to have him as Guru

A complete surrender that when I close my eyes I only see Sai, Sai Sai

So I kept Sai Baba’s Satcharitra in Tamil in that place and offered a flower to him.

Sai, I surrender to you with my body, mind and soul. Please accept me for what I am and help me to make my parents happy.

I can’t marry for marrying sake. You have to show me a girl whom I will feel happy to marry Sai.

I thank you for being my guru in several past births I took and this birth too our relationship has followed. I know we have been together for thousands of years – I remained as a sinner in all previous birth and you kept tolerating me..he he

I have got Sai and I am happy about it.

There are so many millions of devotees who love Shirdi Saibaba but at times they don’t know the value of having such a wonderful guru including me. At times we get upset with you and tell that you don’t bother us.

Please don’t take it to heart Sai. I am human and I am like this.

Accept me for what I am

People who believe your modern Guru’s are good..I don’t have any words to say. Its your wish. May be everyone has something good in them but make sure you are responsible to your family and do your duty.

Ok friends

Getting late for work…have to write more but now gotta go..



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  • Even lord buddha said that ones chances of finding a true guru are about as remote as a turtle,in the middle of an ocean,getting a ring around his neck,thrown by a person.

  • As god doesnt exist outside of us,we should be content with it.He has no form,nor has He hatred towards anybody.
    The simplest way to god is to know oneself.One should allways consult his sincere friends and relatives before undertaking any venture,because even a person as wise as Brihaspati needed others consul.
    Sai ram

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