Its surprising how I could wake up at 4 A.M and meditate on Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Took my Mom to Doctor yesterday. Shes’ OK but some issues are there. I am worried about her health. I believe Sai will heal her soon. This morning, once again, something happened and I woke up at 4. A.M. I don’t wanna sleep again decided to light lamp and ask Saibaba to clarify me what’s gonna happen.

I lit lamp, looked at Saibaba statue and spoke to him for sometime. Then, I close my eyes and kept chanting “SAI SAI SAI” and some other chants like “Om Sainathaya Namah”. I asked me what he wants me to do now? I am totally confused Saibaba. Please show me a way. I did what ever you did and just because you ask me to wait and keep showing me dreams, I am trusting you with heart and soul.

Further, Sai asked me not to make an issue for the humiliation I faced at work as someone had shown me in bad light to few. Why should I not shout at these people on their face? May be, Saibaba is asking me to be calm and endure as much as I can. I am trying my best not to speak out as I will get tensed if I do so. Just praying Saibaba to focus on something useful.

You too must wake up early once in a while and meditate on Saibaba. Do it just for 20 minutes and you will feel good. Sai’s presence can be felt in silence.

Meditate simply by chanting his holy name or any little mantra.

These days I just ask one question to Sai.

Baba, atleast tell me who’s this girl? I don’t even know her. Why you keep showing her in dream? I have never faced such a painful situation all my life and just because I respect Baba’s words, I am silently accepting everything. My only happiness is my new website and some professionals who are asking me to work for them. I wish to do something creative.

Its a small life afterall.

Baba, open your mouth now and speak to me.


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