Strange to see the way people misunderstand Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Couple of days back, I received a mail from someone in Croatia requesting for Sai Satcharita, A country situated in eastern Europe. She was in mental health hospital and found StarSai and was seeking for help. I really appreciated her since I have not received such request even from devotees with similar situation in India. I just sent her pdf of Sai Satcharita and requested to take print out. She can’t do it as she’s in hospital. So simply requested her to chant SAI SAI SAI in mind.

I rarely read mails from devotees and even if I do, I keep them confidential. I have to tell this story about the devotee from Croatia since I appreciated her effort. When you are suffering or going through depression or lost your job or going through problems in relationship, you are most welcome to get angry on Sai.

That’s totally OK with Saibaba. But remember, everyone including myself are not completely happy in life. All of us go through some worries and set backs. What matters is taking both practical and spiritual effort to get the life you want.

Yesturday, One of this girl wrote me about not getting placed in Campus interviews. Over the years, many have said this to me. I realized I must do something more than simply writing about Sai and asked her to work on a proper plan to make herself deserve the job. I suggested her few online courses and requested her to complete the soon in couple of month. She understood my request whole heartedly which made me feel, I must create a platform to inspire and motivate millions of professionals to learn and grow.

Now, Here’s how we misunderstand Saibaba

Few years back, if devotees asks me about growing ahead in their career they can expect me to chant Sai’s holy name or simply doing some pooja. I recommond the say today too but I want them to do more. Worship Saibaba but work for your dreams. Do not be upset with Sai as he has not fulfilled your desire. Instead focus on what you can do from your personal effort. Certainly your efforts will bless you with a better life.

I have myself started applying these in my life. Sai does guide me but he asks me to work for it. I face failures but he simply asks me to work without worrying about being successful.

Sai is never a miracle worker.

I alone know how much I had to struggle for every little happening in my life.

Sai won’t give me or anyone any thing that easily.

Sai wants you to focus on what you can do to make your dreams come true and work on it sincerely.

So there must be two sides to the coin.

One side is Sai devotion and the other side is continuous hard work and dedication in achieving something you need.

A women in mental hospital writes me from Croatia. She did not complain for her sickness. She is just trying to worship Sai and seek his blessings. So focus on devotion and focus on how to practically make yourself better.



I am sorry. I can’t reply all mails from Sai children as I don’t even have time to read all.

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  • Sairam Venkat,

    I really like the way you are inspiring people and help them in their efforts…what better way to cross this mundane life than by reciting God’s name. May Shri Sai Babaji bless us all. Sairam

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