From Sri Lanka with Love – Lord Ganesha blesses devotee to grow in his Career

Sri Sai Ganesha

There’s something really sweet about Lord Ganesha. In 2007-8, I had a Sai friend Preeti in Indore. She used to get dreams about my life and tell me. Once she told me Lord Ganesha appeared in her dream with a weapon in his hand and said angrily “He is writing about every Gods and Goddess but not me. Ask him to write about me”.

She called up next morning to say this dream. I immediately wrote few lines about powers of Lord Ganesha along with below mantra.

Vakrathunda Mahaakaaya,
Sooryakotee Sama Prabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Dheva
Sarva Kaaryashu Sarvadhaa

After few days Sai inspired me to make a Small sacred website dedicated to Vinyakar –

lord ganesha hindu god

The Hindu Lord of Beginnings – Remover of Obstacles Call him Ganapati, Vighneshvara or any names from Ganesha Sahasranama, He will be with you immediately

Recently, I got a mail from a devotee in Sri Lanka and he wanted me to Share it with all of you so that you learn the greatness of Ganesha devotion.

From Sri Lanka with Love – Lord Ganesha blesses devotee to grow in his Career

Om Gam Ganapathaye Namaha 

By introducing my self I’m Rasika from Sri Lanka and I’m a Buddhist. Most importantly I’m a Lord Ganesh devotee. I love Ganesh so much and I do prayers and pooja to Ganesh every day. 
While searching on the net I was lucky enough to saw your web pager pertaining to the Lord Ganesha and I was so happy after reading your personal experiences about Lord Ganesha. Yes I do believe the power and the blessings of Lord Ganesha can change one’s life and make it more better and worthy. 
You have mentioned more simple methods of prayers and ways of  worshiping to Ganesha. I should say that was superb.
Why I though of writing to you is just ask you to continue the web page and add more personal experience of blessings of Lord Ganesha and If you can create another page to add our personal experience that we had after start worshiping Ganesha so the others can share their experiences as well.
I want everyone to know about the power of lord Ganesha and have more Ganesha devotees. In Sri Lanka now most of the people has started to worship Ganesha and I want more people to have the blessings of this Loving God Ganesha. You have given the 108 names to Lord Ganesha and I used to chant those 108 names everyday morning in front of Ganesha statue in my home. I feel like God Ganesha looking at me whole day and remove all my obstacles and bring more opportunities and happiness to me. I would kindly request you to post these in your web page so the whole world will know about Lord Ganesha. because its not only India even in Sri Lanka we love Lord Ganesha. 
( Now, to get you the feel of beautiful Island country Sri Lanka, I am posting the below photography taken in an Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka – courtesy of mckaysavage)

Elephants taking bath happily – I love the different shades of Green in Nature !

elephant  orphanage in srilanka

Elephant Orphange in Sri Lanka –
The beautiful elephants at the Elephant Orphanage near Kandy for their daily swim and drinking session. I am not a particular wildlife person, but I could watch these creatures all day. – Coutesy of flickr user – mckaysavage

(Please have a look at StarSai network site – to Save elephants around the world)
Lets get back to the devotees experience…

Vinayakar helps to pass exam in office:

I want to share my personal experience I had recently at my workplace. I am working at a world famous bank and had a opportunity to apply for a managerial position however it was not that easy as there was a exam to get through in order to face the interview. more than 170 people faced to that exam. by the time I was doing my pooja to Lord Ganesha and pry


and ask from Lord Ganesh please help me to get through the exam. and I went for the exam. it was not that easy as I thought. after I came home I went in front of the Lord Ganesha’s statue and said please god help me to get promote and the day the results came out and from out department only 4 people got selected and I was a one of them. I feel so happy and I know the Lord Ganesha listened to me and made my dream come true. 
I do believe in that because the Lord Ganesha is famous for intelligence and knowledge. So I thought of writing to you and share my experience with you and the rest of the Ganesha devotees. I’m requesting you to keep update the web page If you need any support from me please do let me know. 
Friends, I got this devotees experience before ten days but din’t had time to share it in StarSai. So the devotee mailed me again very kindly !

OM Gam Ganapathaye Namaha!!!

As soon as you upload my experience on the site please send me the link. I’m waiting to see that in your site…

I wish you all the best and may blessed from Lord Ganesha for you to continue your site successfully.

So here it is !Hope this experience inspires many devotees to worship Lord Ganesha to ward of obstacles from their life. When ever you have worries or problems in your family or career, keep remembering lord Ganesha and Shirdi Sai Baba.

Gradually you will be able to grow in your Career and your life will be peaceful too.Now a days, Every Morning I am listening to Ganesha Sahasranamam – 1000 sacred names of Lord Ganesha. Shall post it soon for welfare of all Ganesha devotees. If you have lyrics of Ganesha Sahasranamam please send .

Ganesha Sahasranama Stotram courtesy of a devotee – 1000 sacred names of Lord Ganesha:

Lord Ganesha Books

I found this sweet Book on Lord Ganesha written by Meera.

Lord Ganesha’s Feast of Laughter:

Twenty-three lively stories about the lovable elephant-headed god. Ganesha has an elephant’s head, a pot belly and a rollicking sense of fun. Full of mischief, he fools around with gods and humans alike. He is also wise and shrewd, gentle and compassionate.

Get this divine Lord Ganesha book from Amazon India !

Now let me write few words about the dream I got this morning !

Ever since I made , I have been blessed with Elephants in dream. Sometimes, I call it blessings or Ganesha and at times Mahalakshmi.

Dream as if Elephants are running fast in a Run way behind a Plane:

I got a dream as if I am in a very beautiful scenic place. I see a Run way and a Plane is coming down fast to touch the ground. Elephants are running behind the plane so fast that we could never Imagine Elephants can run so fast. Some one giving commentary that “These Elephants run behind the plane so fast and slows down when the flight comes to halt”

It was not like the Elephant is chasing the passenger Flight. It was as if its proving its ability to Run fast – So fast as the plane ! Good Ganesha ! Seems some hints from Sai…he he

I woke up and searched for any information about Elephants on Run way but the below image suits my dream a little. The difference is here Elephants have finally reached the flight. I hope this means

“Who ever worships Lord Ganesha and does good to any Animals are blessed by Gods and Saints. You will reach your destiny in life soon”

elephant flight south africa

Elephants reached the flight in South Africa as i saw in dream – Photo used by courtesy of photographer

Who ever wishes to achieve something in their life must not get fed up with obstacles. I too feel insecure about my life as I don’t like few things happening at my work. I keep remembering Sai to show me a way and at times get upset with Sai for not guiding me. I just wish you remember below quotes as it will motivate you

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”
― Coco Chanel

“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”
― E. Joseph Cossman

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
― Karen Lamb

So what ever Good you want to do, Start it today.

Learn something New today

Do something that can make your life better today

Try to be a better person and pure at heart…Ganesha will always be with you and your family..

Ok friends, Sai and Lord Ganesha bless all of us with good health, peace and prosperity and yes good career too !

Sai ki Jai


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