Spring is on the way. Saibaba will let happiness blossom in your life

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I just spoke to my Sister’s little daughter over skype and felt happy. We both get bored while on skype and have lots of hacks to have fun. She has a little Monkey doll whom I named as Pandu! So I ask her “Where’s our Pandu?” She runs to her room, picks him and shows to me. Its a funny doll. We clapped as she won in a small school event – Science fair. She showed the prize she won and my Mom was happy about it. Infact, I gave chocolates to many of my friends at work to celebrate this. I felt little embarrassed why I did this?

Think about it. She’s growing up fast. In few years, She might get busy with her friends and her life style might not give her enough time to catch up with us. So celebrating her when she is kid will make her feel that someone living too far from her considers her as heart and soul. She called my parents to come to the U.S again. My Ma is asking them to visit India. I don’t know who’s gonna win. Lets see.

She read few pages from the book she’s currently reading now. Since She reads so many big books as a kid, I also wanted to spread reading habit as much as possible to every one I come across.

In the recent articles, I was complaining about how low minded some people are at work. On the positive side, I also found some wonderful friends who really care for me. Just that they are annoyed with me as I take all my decision based on Sai dreams. On Thursday afternoon, they said, we will have a session with you and spoke 2 hours in the meeting room.

Your dreams aren’t right. Baba is not blessing you with such dreams. You forget all that and be practical in life.

The only thing they did not do is slapping on face. They shouted at me and called me phycho.

I don’t mind because they are my wellwishers. I am also used to it for over 12 years. If you trust Saibaba’s words innocently, the whole world will call you a mad. What can I do?

They asked me to promise that I will be fine which I denied.  Seems. I must not keep sad face and say that I am depressed.

I told them that Saibaba must again come in dream and tell me what to do.

Please for Gods sake don’t irritate me saying my dreams are my own imagination. I know my Saibaba. He’s a sweet heart. His words has never been misleading me. Fine. I agree that I am following his words. But did I hurt this girl any way? I am only hurting myself. I am only ruining my own life. The best part is, Saibaba knows I lost all my interest in this girl because I lost myself in these seven months. I don’t even know why I am now and who is Baba….who is this girl and why all this is happening?

All that matters to me is this – When Baba says something, be calm, digest all the insults and remain faithful to him.

I was so depressed on Friday and they kept asking me to be normal. I was irritated that these people want me to show my teeth shamefully and have fun. I said that I am depressed and I don’t want any jokes. Until 2014, I used to be calm and always chant Sai’s holy name. Now a days, I can’t be calm for a minute and suddenly start to have fun even when I am depressed.

I wanted to quit having lunch with them because it sweats so much on my head as if God installed  a fountain on it during summer. I feel sad every summer thinking about how people working outside is gonna manage?

Back to the conversation I had with my Sister’s daughter, My Mom was asking about the season there.

She said “Spring is on the way”

Hey! Its Spring from Monday in the U.S

Is it?

For a long time, I am blabbering in StarSai about my worries and that I am depressed. Many of you come here and find my new post as answer from Saibaba for your life.

So here’s it!

Spring is on the way! Saibaba will let happiness blossom in your life.

If you are suffering for long, take this as a message.

Sometimes, we never recogonize that Saibaba has done his best for us. We want Sai to do more and bless us by bringing a positive change in our life. Take little effort and be consistent with your effort. Certainly, Saibaba will fulfill your wishes.

Thank Sai for all he did to you friends.

This Guru works strangely. He made me suffer so much in the past few month. Sai showed me dream of a girl with whom I have not even talked once. Why should I trust him? Look. I have a choice. I can either trust him like a fool or ignore him and move on with my life. Saibaba never forces anything on me. If I move on with my life, I can’t come back to him if I go through a suffering since I ignored his words. This is not fear. This is Guru Bhakti.

Let the whole world call me names. I am humiliated. I am insulted on face. I don’t want anything even from this girl. I just look for opportunities to do good to everyone I come across in life. And if Saibaba is showing a girl for over 7 month, I don’t know what good I should do to her if I don’t even know her. So today, I came around dhuni for few minutes and prayed Sai to fulfill the girls desire what ever it be. This is all I can do Sai.

My parents are not well. Everytime, I am out of home, I have some deep fear in me.

Irrespective of all this, I am tempted to trust Sai’s words and live. I told Sai that I proved to live by his words irrespective of all the humiliation I faced.


I wanted to focus on something creative because I feel Saibaba has assured good times are on way!

Today, I featured an interview in – Office Experience – I feel happy when the whole company appreciates a girl when she gets featured!

I wish to inspire people in all ways possible and will be doing it for lifetime!

Baba…Please show me a way

Bless your children

Bless everyone who shows true love and devotion on you

Om Sai Ram


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  • All beautiful prayers you have for people , which are always stated here, may Baba multiply them to bless you over and over with them. Also, nothing is more “practical” than surrendering to Sri Sai Baba for he knows more than we do. Bless you with peace , health, happiness in your life.🌸🌸🌸Happy spring

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