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A dream of “Shri Vidya ” – Goddess Durga and Shirdi Sai baba leela

Goddess Durga who came into my life right from my birth :

Goddess Durga is one of my favourite goddess especially because one of the priest who did seva by helping thousands of devotees in the path of light wrote my horoscope in which he mentioned every sunday between 4.30 to 6 PM ( evening – raahu kaal ) , It will be good if i light Lemon lamps to Goddess Durga.

In south india especially Tamilnadu , lighting lemon lamps for Goddess Durga is followed widely. Some say we must light lemon lamps only in Temples and some like me prefer lighting lemon lamps to worship Goddess Durga both in temples and also House.


goddess Durga

My love for Goddess Durga :

All the sites in network expresses my love for  Saint Shirdi Sai baba , the Hindu Gods and goddess and also simple puja so that devotees will follow such puja and be blessed. In 1999 when i was in chennai , i used to go to Mylapure Kabaleeswarar – Lord Shiva temple.. The goddess Durga here is very powerful for me .

I started my love for lighting lamps by lighting lemon lamps to this Goddess Durga and offering Lemon Garland ( 21 , 48 , 54 or 108 lemons tied used thick needle and thread and offered to goddess ).  Those days very few men follows lighting lamps in temple and being young i will be one amoung many ladies with my little knife cutting lemon, taking out the juice and twisting the lemon inwards and applying kumkum in 4 corners of lemon to light lamps.

Anyway friends, Many times i used to think , we made website for Goddess Mahalakshmi , Goddess Saraswati and now we surely have to make for Goddess Durga also.

In north india , Durga Puja is widely celebrated..Being south indian i am not aware of their customs but wish to post some good experiences from Goddess  Durga devotees.

i had a dream as if i see Tiger and next day felt Goddess Durga wants me to do something for welfare of Durga Devotees.

goddess durga

goddess durga

Now lets come to the sai durga leela which made me write this article !

I have a habit of cleaning Dhuni “the sacred fire of Shirdi Sai baba in Nagasai mandhir. Yesturday the fire was high and i was digging with the iron rod which i affectionately call as Baba’s weapon. The same as Goddess Durga has in her hands for killing the demons..This we use to clear the ashes and make it fall down between the iron bars down to the Dhuni tank where the ashes are collected. Then i dropped big wooden log , a neem tree wood n came home.Usually all the ashes will be on my head and in the tap where people clean legs itself i clean my head opening the water tap…I feel very happy and energetic when ever i work for dhuni and consider its saibaba’s love on me to offer me this small work for welfare of sai children and also joining with my friends to filter udi , keeping in the sacks for distributing as prasad to Devotees.

You can learn more about my Love for Dhuni – the sacred fire of sai in

goddess lalithambigai sri vidya

goddess lalithambigai a form of sri vidya

A friend asking me if i wish work for the cook who makes prasad for temple :

While i was digging dhuni, a friend of mine Udayakumar was joking that it seems the Cook of the saibaba temple who makes prasad needs a assistant and if i will be willing to join. He asked me this again and again laughing at me saying “The cook nagaraj wants a assistant, do you wish to join ? ”

I said “whats there in joining as assistant to cook as he is doing a sacred work of making prasad for sai devotees but i only know to dig dhuni “.

Udayakumar said “cooking also is same, instead of keeping iron rod like this and cleaning ashes in the dhuni, you have to mix inside the vessel ”

Then my sai friends talking few minutes outside shirdi sai baba temple and i came home very late at 10.PM. I had my dinner and sat in my computer.

Since i am job less for over a year , i was trying few commercial sites and one of them was my desire to make a directory for cities all over the world. I thought of making this site but felt what ever i try to earn a living i am not successful and what ever i do spiritually atleast serves welfare of thousands of good hearted devotees. was made in 2004 and in 2007 i made sites for both Goddess Mahalakshmi and Goddess Saraswati.  I had dream of Tiger a year back and felt Goddess Durga also wants me to make a simple website for her. I postponded it forever…Finally last night i decided to make it and fastly added few Goddess Durga Mantra and Photos.

Deep inside me i was feeling very painful why i am suffering like this and all i know to do is such sites, guide devotees in pain and i also need a good life and a good career. I told sai baba atleast i know to do this and felt satisfied.

I finished the website – Sai Durga Puja , requested my sai friends to have a look at it and looked at the shirdi sai baba portrait in my puja room saying “saibaba please show me a way, i only know to do this ”

A beautiful dream which gave me the words “Shri Vidya ” and i saw Rice :

Friends, i had a long dream which i completely was not able to recollect. I felt blissful . All i could remember was the final words i heared

It was as if i am standing near the place where they drop wooden logs to be dropped in dhuni and i hear the word “Shri Vidya ”

It was very clear and a divine feeling when i heared it friends  “Shri Vidya” ..When i heared it , i felt so peaceful and sacred.

Then Udayakumar asks me “Did you got the prasad ? ” ..I said no and he goes to the place where they distribute food prasad in Nagasai mandhir and i can clearly see few “RICE ‘ which is yet to be cooked.

That was the dream , i woke up very happily and immediately started researching what really “Shri Vidya ” means.

About Shri Vidya from Wikipedia :

Sri Vidya (also spelled “Shri Vidya”) is the name of a Hindu religious system devoted to the goddess Lalit? Tripurasundar? or simply Tripurasundar? (‘Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities’). she is a tantric  form of the goddess Shri (Goddess Lakshmi ), consort of Vishnu  However, the late orthodox leader of the largest Samaya school of ?r? Vidy?, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal, says that the ?r? in ?r? Vidy? is a title of respect meaning The Vidy? and has no connotation to Lakshmi. .

And Indian scholar V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar states she is a form of Durga or Paravati, consort of Shiva, as well as several names from the Lalita Sahasranama which call her the beloved of Shiva. The Sanskrit  word vidya  means “knowledge” or “lore . A thousand names for this form of Dev? are recited in the Lalit? Sahasran?ma, which includes ?ri Vidya concepts.

Meru Chakras are frequently a central focus and ritual object for this worship of the Goddess. They are a more potent form of the Sri Yantra, since they are three-dimensional. Meru Chakras can be found in rock crystal and in metal, often a traditional panchaloha formula of silver, antimony, copper, zinc, and pewter, which enhances the flow and generation of Sri’s beneficial energies, covered in gold.

My understanding of Shri Vidya :

I felt the dream as blessing of Goddess Durga , Lalithambigai whom i admire a lot and also Shirdi Sai baba. I used to go to a temple in chennai in Thirivanmiyur where theres this


Shri Vidya is also Thiripura sundari  who sits on a pink lotus in the center of Shree Chakra. The shree chakra in 3 dimentional state is called meru and in its center resides the goddess of 3 cities or lets say Three universe . Hence she is known as Thiripura sundari .

Science of Soul :

Theres so much to learn and write about “Shri Vidya’ . Its the knowledge of self – Self realization – ultimate knowledge.  The best way to put it is its the science of Soul .

Kill the evil and bless the good :

The greatest aspect of Goddess Durga, Lalithambigai and Thiripura sundari  all who are one and the same in “Shri Vidya” is that , they kill th evils and do good to the devotees

Evils can be internal like our anger, bad habits, lust, greed etc and external like evil minded people, people jealous of our growth and other external evils etc.

My knowledge to explain Shri Vidya is too less and i can only request the devotees to buy DVD of the sacred Lalitha Sahasranamam and listen to it everyday.You can also search for Lalitha Sahasranamam mp3 on net and learn the meaning of 1000 sacred names of Goddess Lalithambigai in below link

Lalitha Sahasranamam – 1000 divine names of Goddess Lalithambihai

I feel , i left this article with very little information beyond what i understood. Especially the rice i saw in dream refers to the pineal gland in medical science and this place is spiritually know as Ajna chakra.

Ajna: The Brow Chakra

Ajna (along with Bindu, is also known as the third eye chakra) is linked to the pineal gland which may inform a model of its envisioning. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and waking up. Ajna is symbolised by a lotus with two petals, and corresponds to the colour Voilet, indigo or deep blue.

Ajna’s key issues involve balancing the higher & lower selves and trusting inner guidance. Ajna’s inner aspect relates to the access of intuition. Mentally, Ajna deals with visual consciousness. Emotionally, Ajna deals with clarity on an intuitive level

and sai making me realize that when sai says he resides as Conciousness in every life on this earth, He wants us to keep our conciousness high in Ajna chakra so that we can feel his Inner guidance. Hope i am not confusing and i don’t want any of you to practice typical meditation techniques to raise kundalini etc.


meditation sri vidya conciouness soul

meditation sri vidya conciouness soul

Good thoughts ,actions makes guru raise our conciouness high to ajna n to Sahasrara

My concept of keeping your conciousness high where it should be for sai and goddess to help us :

Well, the first request from shirdi sai baba is to over come inner enemies like Anger, greediness and Lust. Once this is over come automatically the Guru himself keeps your conciousness high and thus you will be in a better state to hear the voice of Saint. I mean to say you will be able to get internal guidance for every step in your life, every action you perform etc.

After 5 years of working on guiding thousands of sai children in the path of light, with my innocent way of writing pooja etc and no mastery of any arts , why should a Saint give me such a dream and make me write all this ?

Its hard to express and ‘Sri Vidya” …I cant say what i know is the problem and as the vedas say ” who so ever is choosen will understand Sri Vidya”.

My request to all Durga and shirdi saibaba devotees

1. Keep your mind and ego on check every minute

2. Make sure only good thougts are encouraged.

3. Be true to your mother, sister, father and wife, children and be responsible to them.

4. Never be greedy. Never. Some one may earn bigger than you irrespective of your hardwork you still remain in low status. This is his purya dont feel sai has not helped you.

5. Good thoughts leads to good actions..So be happy for good thoughts

6. Do good karma…good work..always do any good work that helps you, your family and the society as whole.

7. Don’t expect immediate results or results itself…do your work and be happy in the lap of goddess like child.

8. The entire concept of Shakti devotion like goddess durga devotion is to accept her as our mother and so we all become her children . The problems in universe are seen as play of goddess and the one who holds the feet of Goddess Durga – Thiripura sundari and Saints like shirdi saibaba are sure to cross this wordly ocean safe.

Om sri sainathaya namaha

om sri durga namaha



While thinking about “Sri Vidya” , i dint focus on the obvious goddess who relates to Sri Vidya – Goddess Saraswathi. You can read my love for goddess saraswathi in

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  • Hi Anu,
    Never ever think that “When u give me job i do puja everyday”. Instead think “Sai I will offer puja everyday with my pure heart, please bless me with the job”. Hope you got the difference, “If you do this, i will do this…… this is business” and “I will be as your child, bless me with this…..this is pooja from heart”. Try this, this will surely change your life……All the best….

  • vidya,

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  • 🙂 I admire the purity of your thoughts. Moreover, I’m glad that I got to see a combination of the grace of both Shirdi Sai Baba and Maa Durga that are not actually separate.

  • Yes any type of meditation without a Guru with an intent to raise the kundalini shakthi is very dangerous and lead to physical and psychological disorders.No wonder Baba adviced to keep Faith in one place either in Him or each one’s preferred God or Guru.God bless

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