Shirdi Saibaba’s 100 years since Mahasamadhi festival must not hinder devotion of ordinary Sai devotees as Sai loves simplicity

Sairam friends,

Last night, I took my Father to Doctor as he wasn’t well. We then went to Annapurna temple and then to Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown. I got Vilva (Bilva in Hindi) leaves as we have never offered Bilva leaves for Lord Shiva and Parvathi in our Gollu. I offered Bilva and prayed. I woke up at 5 A.M and silently sat infront of our Gollu statues thinking how beautiful were the Gods and Goddess statues bought before 20 years but in recent years the facial beauty and glory of the Gods doesn’t showup on the statue. We will gradually loose creative artisans due to mass production of anything we need.

Anyway, I had lots of work to do but stopping it as I also need to invest some money. As I said earlier, I don’t take insults easily. If someone did something to me harshly, I will not react, I will work hard to do something that millions will benefit from.

The problem is, since I do these projects at night after work, I get too tired and feel sleepy. I slept off hugging Sai Satcharita and was blessed with following dream.

It was as if I am sitting in the main hall of Saibaba temple behind the place his statue is kept. I sit in a corner and looking at few photographs of my Sister and myself we took as kids. I was remembering the past. I see a poster stuck on the wall and my Father asks a girl coming around if she knows that Information Security organization. She doesn’t know and hence I reply that the organization isn’t that popular. Probably, Sai wants me to implement some tools to take care of the site.

The dream continues. I suddenly see youngters from a group decorates Saibaba with Chocolates and Colourful crafts. They treat everyone harshly. One guy throws away couple of my bags on the floor of temple. I take it back and ask “Why don’t you throw it outside?”

Later, I come to the front side of the temple to see there’s complete choas. The guys and girls were behaving as if they did all this decoration for Saibaba and treating other ordinary devotees as if they are fools. Suddenly, I see the temple authorities asks these people to remove the decoration and asks them not to disturb others.

This dream has one simple message:

Saibaba loves simplicity. He allows you to decorate him, his temple and do mass celebrations with all hype. But never, ever treat humble Sai devotees badly just because you serve Saibaba. Sai lives inside everyone of his devotee’s heart. So when you ill treat a devotee and call him/her harshly, Sai is being hurt.


Saibaba loves youngters who are ambitious and focus on their dreams and goals and not just who worships him.

In the dream, I also saw a guy who wants to be Pilot and a girl who wants to be an Architect. Both of these kids worship him silently and go away.

I am not against decorating or beautification of temple or Saibaba statues. All I request is do not create too much hype in the name of 100 years of Shirdi Saibaba’s Mahasamadhi. Respect every single ordinary Sai devotee and try to see if all will like what you do. Do not create choas in temple and dominate other simple devotees. This hurts Baba to core.

I already wrote an article related to this –

Do not control, preach or create a framework for Sai devotees way of showing devotion and reading Sai Satcharita

I am getting late for work now and my Mom asked me twice why I am not having breakfast.

So Tata for now.

My articles are little harsh but I know Saibaba wants me to express this because Sai cares for ordinary people.

Baba, please bless my parents and Sister and her family with good health! I love them all. I am not able to focus on my work when they are sick.

OM Sai Ram



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