Shirdi Sai Baba devotees in Maldives

Sairam friends,

In 2008, when i was in Mumbai working as a faculty in a film school teaching Video editing softwares, i used to Hug the holy Book Sreepada Sree Vallabha Charitramrutham – a very divine book about the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya. I used to hold the book tight to me as i feel this way i am close to Guru Avatar Shree paadha shree vallabha and our Shirdi saibaba.

It must be late night when i suddenly had a vision – It was a clear vision of how a huge dark cloud is coming down on entire earth. I could feel this is how Kalipurusha – The Lord of Kaliyug is manisfesting himself to make people get into Maya – illussion. I realized just 10 years from now, there will be huge change in culture in all countries. What was once thought to be unethical will then be ethical as everyone are getting used to evil thoughts and actions.

Suddenly i saw myself and my friend Ashish in a Island as if we are having our vacation there. I could clearly feel its Maldives and i see us going in a Bus.

Today i was worried about my future as my parents wish i get married and i am praying sai to bless me with the girl who loves me purely . Suddenly i remembered the dream i had before 4 years and started writing this article this late night.

I have nothing much to say specifically about of saibaba in this write up. All i wish is if there are Shirdi Saibaba devotees in Maldives, kindly light lamp regularly in front of Shirdi Sai Baba photo in your house and do any chantings of sai you live. You can also listen to Aarti of saibaba regularly.

Offer beautiful flowers to sai statue or photos you have and pray sainath with pure love.

Sometime in my life, i wish to get mails from Sai devotees in Maldives that they did some good deed like educating a poor child or gave food to the hunger or simply gave a small gift of dress to the needy.

May saibaba of shirdi live in your house and bless your family with good health, peace and prosperity

aum sri sainathaya namaha


About Maldives

The islands of Maldives appear in-between the trading route of the Indian Ocean. Thus settlers, and visitors from neighbouring regions and around the world have come in contact with the islands for as long as history has been recorded.

The island country Republic of Maldives comprises 1,192 islets, some of which are isolated and unoccupied.

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  • Dear Sir,

    I completed Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Charitamrutham108 times of Parayana. I visited Pithapuram, after I came from Maldives.

    I have an experience as an accountant in Harbor Construction Company for 1 year.

    Now I want a job to work in Maldives.

    Please respond.

    thanking you

    K. Rama Krishna

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